Concept Development for Blind Children: A World of Wonder

People constantly compliment my writing and while I am always appreciative, I have to be honest when I say that I could do better. This post by my blogging acquaintance Jena is an example of what I think is better.

If you read more of her blog and I think you should, I marvel at how much more descriptive and vivid her writing is compared to mine.

This is a great post. Her experiences aren’t quite the same as mine because I did have some vision as a child and thus interacted with my environment differently. In my opinion, she’s the better writer but I can take comfort in the fact that I would have the upper hand in video games or at least I did as a kid.

Porch Swing Writing

It is estimated that 40% of human sensory perception is visual. If you are sighted, you might think this would be bad news for a totally blind baby. But my loved ones found countless ways to let me see the world and develop “visual” concepts right along with my sighted peers. Whether it was colors, animals, changing landscapes and seasons, or intangibles like height and distance, they always found a way. If you are concerned that your visually impaired child will miss out on things, I give you the following examples from my own life to prove that her world will be as big and as interesting as you show her that it can be. Use any or all of the following ideas to give your child the world!

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