Birthday Recap

I am officially 36 years old. So far, 36 doesn’t feel much different than 35 but I have a whole year to see if that continues to remain true.

Today was my birthday, as January 8 tends to be every year. Last year, as is well documented on this site, my birthday was terrible. I spent the day alone and in tears because I was still morning the loss of my beloved dog Ginny. So this year almost had to be better by default. Here is a recap of all the high points.

It really got started on Friday afternoon when my friend Duane suggested we go out for supper. He asked me what I wanted to do and as I was almost done reading a book I formulated a plan that would allow me to finish the book before we left and would ensure a fun evening. I suggested we hit the movie theater at 7 PM for a showing of ‘Rogue One’. It was the second time for both of us seeing it as we both saw it opening night. Then I suggested we grab a couple of pizzas from Dominos on the way home. I messaged my friend Scott and asked him to join us and plans were set.
I did have a good time and I still really like ‘Rogue One’. It is great to see Vader absolutely clean house in a Star Wars movie for once. It isn’t a perfect movie by any means but it is a great start to the stand-alone films.

Saturday my mom dropped by. We went to a cancer benefit fundraiser about a block away from my house for a baked potato bar. I had chili and butter on my baked potato and it was really good. The event featured a live and silent auction and the live auctioneer was really quite funny. Then I came home and listened to as much of the Raiders-Texans game as I could stand which was half before turning it off and watching ‘The Golden Girls’ instead.
I got a message from Scott asking me if I wanted to go see Sing at the theater. I delayed my answer for awhile but finally agreed to venture back out in the cold. So back to the theater I went for the second time in two days. I’m glad I went and saw ‘Sing’. It might be my favorite animated film of 2016. I just had a lot of fun watching it. Finding Dory had a better story but ‘Sing’ was just a ton of fun.

This morning, I woke up and started listening to Has Christianity Failed You? by Ravi Zacharias. I actually gave this book to my friend Duane for Christmas on Kindle and he then received an audible discount because he owned the Kindle version and so he sent me the audiobook and it only cost him $3.99. I’m enjoying the book so far, I’ve been listening to Ravi Zacharias since I was in college for sure and maybe even High School. It is one of the things I plan to do to reconnect with my faith that I described in my previous post.

I wasn’t sure if I would do anything today or not. When I woke up the weather app on my phone said that it was going to snow and the low would be about 1 degree. It also said the current temperature was 10 degrees with a minus 7 windchill. So pretty cold. But I sat around for awhile, listened to music as I thanked people for wishing me well on Facebook and via text.
Then my oldest brother called and asked me if I wanted to go and see ‘Sing’ at the theater. I told him I saw it last night but since I loved the film I would go again. Third trip to the theater in three days, that has to be my personal best. Also, I managed to go three times without paying for a single ticket.
After that, my cousin Shiloh called and I chatted with her for a bit. Then I talked to my sister, who initially asked if I wanted to go bowling. I told my mom that I kind of wanted to go bowling because I like to bowl but haven’t done it in awhile. I told my sister of the movie plans and so we decided that they would come into town and we’d all go to the movie and then go to The Plains for supper.
That is exactly what we did. I got out of the theater and we headed over for supper. I had a giant pancake, some sausage and bacon and got a piece of cherry pie to go. Hey, gotta have pie on your birthday if you can’t have cake, right? I told my sister I still wanted to do family bowling one of these days and put her in charge of that task.

Then, I came home and got into my pajama bottoms before 8 PM. I started listening to a favorite podcast because the subject this week was my home state of South Dakota. I answered more Facebook posts about my birthday, including a great one from my cousin-in-law Janna, who composed a birthday poem.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Even though it’s your birthday, I’d eat my donut and steal yours too
Happy birthday you handsome son of a bitch!

Janna wins the prize this year for favorite birthday message. Other than that, I suggested getting together to catch up with one Facebook friend and talked to another two more about phone conversations in the near future.

Aside from free food and movies, I am getting a couple other gifts. My friend Melissa is giving me an ice cream maker. My friend Euan has or is getting me something but hasn’t told me what it is just yet. I still have an amazon wishlist full of wrestling figures and other stuff. And I do enjoy audible credits.

That pretty well covers all of the basis. Something else did happen on Saturday that was really cool but that deserves it’s own entry. So I will try to write that one up tomorrow. This will be it for now. I am content and tired enough that sleep should come quickly when I head to bed in a few minutes. I hope you all are having a good start to the new year.