2017 Goals

As a rule, I don’t make new year’s resolutions. It has been my experience that those never work out. Likely because people tend to aim higher then they intend to reach. Besides, you need not make big changes to your life on January 1, if you’re really sincere about losing weight or finding a new job that can as easily be started in July as it is in January.
Also, there are some goals that aren’t worth obtaining. Last year, I tried to write every day. It was my goal to put up a new post each day. I did for awhile, then I didn’t at all. I realized that posting every day was fine if I had something to say but if I didn’t it became a chor and I stopped enjoying my blog altogether.

However, I do try to set some goals for each year and lay them out in a blog post so I can see how many of them I have achieved. None of these goals are what I would call major. I don’t, for example, have find my true love as a goal for 2017. There are just too many aspects of that which I don’t have direct control over, so I do not set my sights that high. With all that having been said, here are some of my goals for this year.

Read The Lord of the Rings Saga

I feel like this was on my goal list for 2016 as well but even if it was, it was one I did not achieve and so it is back here this year. I have never read Lord of the Rings and I have only seen the first movie. I want to read the books because I figure they’ll help me keep better track of the movies.

Watch more movies

My collection of unlistened to audiobooks is pretty large. But my collection of unwatched movies bothers me more. So it is my hope to watch more movies in 2017 than I have in previous years. This includes movies at home and at the theater. It includes watching movies that I am familiar with already as well as trying things that are new to me.

Go Out Drinking More

This might seem like an odd goal because most people resolve to drink less. And in truth, this isn’t really the goal I just thought it was the most intriguing way to express my true intentions.
The truth is that I enjoy going out for drinks every once in awhile. I don’t do it very often because none of my friends who are close by drink. But, it is something I like to do every once in a great while provided I can keep control of myself which aside from one dreadful night, I can. Note that I did not say I desire to go out and get drunk. One can drink without getting drunk though I also believe that abstaining altogether is a perfectly good idea and should be embraced by more people. My real goal though is to do more things that I enjoy doing but don’t for whatever reason. I could just have easily written go bowling more in the header but honestly, which one of those would grab your attention better?

Engage more with those I only know on Social Media

I have a lot of friends on Facebook that I have made because of things like games or friending people who are friends with people that I am also friends with. But a lot of them I don’t really know. I don’t comment on posts, write on their walls or hit them up on messenger. There are a few people I would like to reach out to in the coming year and get to know better and interact with more often.

Write more Audiobook Reviews

Reviewing audiobooks is something I enjoy doing but haven’t done in quite some time. I have only myself to blame and want to get back to it more in the new year. Last year, I stopped doing a lot of things that I actually enjoy and reversing the trend in the new year is a goal.

Resume my fiction writing

Last spring, I came up with a character and I was very excited. I wrote some stuff for this character and even posted some of it here on the blog. Then my dad died and I haven’t done anything with it since then. I kept all of the material and so I am hoping to get back to it this year. It is yet another one of those things I enjoyed doing but didn’t stick with.

Start a podcast

The goal most likely to not be completed this year but the one I think I would enjoy the most of all. Being interviewed on Talking Audiobooks was a lot of fun and I am certain I will do that show again this year. However, it made me realize that I want to do more. Unfortunately, in this instance I don’t know a lot more than I know and the whole thing seems really daunting to me.

Figure Out a Direction for my life

Okay, this seems like a major goal and I admit that it is. However, I have it here because I feel like things are already moving, even if just slowly in that direction. My goal is happiness. More money and things like that are secondary. I want to be happy in 2017 or at least feel like I’m moving in that direction.

Get my spiritual life back in order

In early 2012 I became disenchanted with my home church. It parallelled an experience that a friend of mine was having but his played out over many more years and I broke away quicker. My reasons were valid then and I believe them valid now. Unfortunately, they do not excuse me from taking steps to resolve the situation by finding a new church home or remaining disciplined in bible reading, prayer and listening to wise men preach truthfully.
In the short-term my goal is to start reading more spiritually uplifting books and rededicate myself to the basics of faith that should not be impacted one way or another by church attendance. Once I have done that, my hope is that it will help me discern what to do next.

Go on a Date with a Woman in 2017

I said that finding true love was not my goal for the year and it is not. But, I don’t think going on at least one date is too far out of the question. It has been 3 years since I last dated anyone and I would like that to change this year. I think the podcast goal will be harder to accomplish but this one will be the most disappointing if I don’t accomplishment. There are lots of reasons why I might not be able to put a podcast together but going on a date doesn’t seem to be nearly as difficult.
As I said, I haven’t dated anyone in almost three years. I’ve hung out with women but strictly on a friendship level. I have put myself on dating sites and the like but I have never put forth a true effort to make something happen in that arena. Half-hearted attempts at best and so this year I want to try and make that happen. One date might seem like a really easy goal to achieve but not if you haven’t had any for three years.

Those are pretty much the goals for this year. I am already working on another which is to restructure my finances to save me the most money going forward. I started to lay out a plan for that in November of 2016 and this month I took step one towards putting it into place. How will I do on the above goals? I wish I could say I will achieve them all but I know that probably won’t happen to my satisfaction. But at least having a list gives me something to aim for and that in and of itself is reason enough to make the list in the first place.