ICYMI: My Interview on the Talking Audiobooks Podcast

If you are off of work today and or stuck inside because of the weather there are a lot of things you could do. You could reduce your Netflix cue a bit or you could listen to an audiobook. You could do less fun things like household chors but I’m not about to write a blog post on why you should do chors. Even if I did spend part of Christmas doing my dishes. Anyway, I have another suggestion if you’re actually bored enough to listen to me talk. You can listen to my interview on the Talking Audiobooks podcast.

Taped earlier this month and released last week, the interview covers a wide range of topics. I talk about my own history as it relates to Audiobooks and some things more generally about being visually impaired. I also talk about how to save money when purchasing audiobooks and there’s a bit of a history lesson on the format. It was a fun interview and I was entertaining, especially when I failed in multiple instances to correctly say ‘Les Miserables’.

You can access the episode by clicking here or if iTunes is more your thing, I suggest you go here. You can find the full show page on iTunes by going here.

If you do listen or already have, I would love to know what you thought.