Podcasts, Presents and Raider Football

On Friday afternoon, I recorded my interview for the Talking Audiobooks podcast. I was a bit apprehensive at first because I wasn’t really sure that I would have a lot to offer by way of conversation. I tend to feel that way about a lot of things, isn’t there someone who you could get that would be better than me?
But as the interview drew closer over the past few days I got more excited and felt more energized. I came up with some points that I thought were valid and I was able to work them in as the interview progressed.

The host is a man named Ken Joy and I would describe him as having a classic radio voice which sounds great when you hear it. Getting to know him since really this past summer has been a lot of fun and in some ways it already feels like we’re old friends.

The interview went well. It went for awhile which tends to happen when I am allowed to talk. It will make for a good podcast episode when it is posted. That should be early next week and when it is I will share the link here on my blog. There’s also a pretty good chance that people who listen to the episode will be able to get for themselves, a free book from Audible you’ll just have to listen to find out if that is so.

Doing that interview led to me having one of the better days I have had in quite some time. When it was over, I felt like I had figured out what I should be doing. I should be making my career by talking. I enjoy it, I’m good at it and people seem to like hearing it when I do. That’s as close as I’ve ever really come to determining what my real calling in life is supposed to be. If I could figure out how to monitize my speaking I would do so in a heartbeat. The fact that I really have no clue how to do that is really the issue for me. I’m beginning to think I’ll never be able to figure it out and that someone’s going to have to point it out to me. I hope they do because I do feel like that is what I am meant to be doing with my life.

After the interview was over, I was even able to recommend a future guest for his show. I have an acquaintance on Twitter that has her own Audiobook related website and the things that she does are things I thought Ken’s listeners might be interested in hearing about. So hopefully they’ll get together for a chat at some point. She

I don’t have any other news in particular. I have sent a number and received a number of Christmas gifts already. A friend even bought me an item off of my Amazon wishlist which you can find here. The item they got for me was one that was not very expensive but also one that I really wanted. It was this Ultimate Warrior figure circa WrestleMania VI which is my favorite time from Warrior’s career.
Another friend got me this set of Harlem Heat figures and another friend got me this Tatanka figure.

My friend Melissa got me a popcorn popper and some really fantastic tasting chocolate covered pretzels. That proves that not every thing I want is a 6-inch plastic action figure…just most of it. Seriously, I am enjoying my figure accumulation and it is one reason I’d like to be making more money.

I’ve given a lot of my gifts as well, most of which have been action figures but a few haven’t been. I won’t post what I’ve given as gifts this Christmas because that feels more like bragging than recapping what I got.

All good things, including the Raiders 6-game winning streak must come to an end. I am disappointed that they lost to the Chiefs again but it wasn’t unexpected. Actually, I picked Kansas City in my pick’em group this week. My picks have been so bad that it really should have locked things up for the Raiders but it wasn’t to be.
Seriously though, I knew that the team might have a problem. If you look at Derek Carr’s season up to the game yesterday there was one thing that held it back from being even better than it already was and that was that he had been the victim of a lot of dropped passes. Well, when you already have receivers who drop the football more than they should and then put them in cold weather times can get tough and they did last night.
Oddly, I walked away from the game with more confidence that the Raiders could beat the Chiefs than I did after they lost to them back in October. Kansas City didn’t score in the second half last night and they didn’t really create turnovers of their own. It will be tough since a third meeting would more likely be in Kansas City thanks to the edge in head-to-head matchups with the Chiefs sweeping the season series but as poorly as Oakland played on Thursday and it was easily the worst game of Derek Carr’s season there was still some good things to be found. Not many but a few.
There is some issue concerning one of the plays at the end of the game and a television camera. I’ll be honest, I don’t know what the complaint really is because I don’t really care. The team forced 3 turnovers and out of those only got 6 points. Camera cables had nothing to do with that and that’s a far bigger reason that they lost. Don’t make excuses, tell the truth.
Out of the Raiders three division rivals, I have less dislike for Kansas City than I do Denver or San Diego. Hard to say why, maybe it is my own place in the midwest but there is something about them that makes me dislike them slightly less than Denver and the Chargers.

We are fast approaching the one year anniversary of Ginny’s death and my father’s still hangs over this year. My mom and I are both a little down right now as we had a chance to discuss on Thursday. Even though we weren’t the most festive family hanging lights where ever we could put them it is still a big adjustment not having my dad here. I guess I’m helped a little by the fact that I know that the holidays weren’t my dad’s favorite time of the year because like a lot of people do he could get depressed by them.

I’m going to stop writing because it occurs to me that this post started out so positive and is ending on a bad note. So I’ll end by saying that as I said above, I had so much fun doing this interview and if you take the time to listen to it when it is posted, I think you’ll enjoy it. As I said, I’ll have a link when it is ready but you can head over to http://talkingaudiobooks.com/ and subscribe to the podcast in advance if you wish. Until next time I write, I wish you all safety and happiness.