Take Advantage of the Audible.com Win-Win Sale

The folks over at Audible.com sure do like to put books on sale. Earlier this month, they had a Three Books for Two Credits Sale and it seems as though they are putting a different series on sale every week.

But this is the annual Audible Win-Win Sale. From now through September 26, audible members can choose from up to 200 books for $4.95 each. Books come from the genres of: Mysteries/Thrillers, Science Fiction, Romance, Fiction, Nonfiction, Biographies/Memoirs and Business/ Self Development.

Yes, I took advantage of this sale. Just one book on my wishlist was on sale and so I picked that up. It was ‘Forced to Kill’ the second book in Andrew Peterson’s ‘Nathan McBride’ series.
That wasn’t the only book I picked up, however. I picked up ‘Fuzzy Nation’ by John Scalzi, ‘Missing You’ by Harlan Coben, ‘Farewell My Lovely’ by Raymond Chandler and ‘The Storyteller’ by Jodi Picoult. All of these are authors that I have read before and enjoyed.
In edition to those, I picked up three books that are classified as nonfiction. They are: ‘Failure is not an Option’ by Gene Kranz, ‘Masters of Doom’ by David Kushner and ‘Five Families’ by Selwyn Raab.
There were also more than a couple books in this sale that I already own. Happily, I obtained most of them for $4.95 or less already. I recommend ‘Johnny Carson’ by Henry Bushkin to fans of ‘The Tonight Show’ or fans of biographies.

If none of those appeal to you, then why not browse the sale and find something that does!