Buy Three Books for Two Credits at!

One of my favorite things is when I get an email from with the subject line: “Something in your wishlist is on sale”. I received such an email this morning and the sale was for a buy 3 books for 2 credits promotion.

Yes, has yet another buy 3 for 2 sale and it is happening now. This sale is for audible members only. You can view the books in the sale by clicking here. If you don’t happen to have 2 credits, you can purchase them at checkout. And if you find more than 3 books you can just keep coming back to the sale and get as many as you want…in bunches of 3. The sale ends on 09/11 at 11:59 PM PT.

I splurged a little bit. I ended up getting 9 books. I got the third novel in the Harry Bosch series, ‘The Concrete Blonde’ as I have a few from that series and it was on my wishlist. I got ‘Cobra Strike’ the second book in Timothy Zahn’s original Cobra Trilogy. I was glad to get this one because as it happens, I already owned the first and third books.
I only bought one book that was nonfiction and it is called ‘Small Data’. It was the second book from the sale that was on my wishlist.

My other puchases were trilogies of books that were on sale. I got the first three books in Joel C. Rosenberg’s ‘Political Thrillers’ series. I also got the first three books in Jonathan Maberry’s ‘Joe Ledger’ series. I am planning a trip soon and will have no shortage of things to read!

If you browse the sale, I hope you find a thing or three that you would like. Happy shopping and happy listening!

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