What Makes for a Good Audiobook?

As someone who periodically writes audiobook reviews, I often have to consider the question:

What makes for a good audiobook?

It is a question that is more complicated than it might sound. The audiobook comes in many different forms. Some are read by a single narrator and some are read by more than one or a full cast. Some feature a lot of acting on the part of the narrator and some are quite dry. Some contain music and background sound effects and some feature no background noise whatsoever. Individual preference is a huge factor in how a person goes about picking their next listen.

The folks over at The Colin McEnroe Show from WNPR out of Connecticut recently dedicated an entire episode to the question. The Art of the Audiobook takes a look at several questions related to audiobooks including whether or not listening to an audiobook is really reading. The answer is yes and if you think otherwise congratulations on exercising your God given right to be wrong.

The approximately 50-minute long episode features discussions with:

  • Michele Cobb – Publisher of AudioFile magazine, executive director of the Audio Publishers Association
  • William DeMeritt – Actor, writer, audiobook narrator
  • Hilary Eurich – Director of production at Tantor Media in Old Saybrook, Conn.
  • Tavia Gilbert – Performer, writer, producer, audiobook narrator

The show can be accessed here or is likely available on your favorite podcast app including iTunes.

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