Latest Happenings

I’ve been quiet again. I haven’t had much of anything to say and I don’t know if that has really changed all that much. But I decided I would write something anyway because it just feels like a good idea. There won’t be a theme but more a collection of random notes and thoughts.

A friend of mine came to Huron a few days ago for a visit. I really only knew her from online, although I knew her brother a bit from school and knew of her parents involvement in the local paper years ago. But this was the first time we had ever really talked aside from Facebook chats and me whooping her at Trivia Crack.
I will let her talk about the reasons for her visit and what she gained from it, if she desires to do so. What I will say is that while it wasn’t her reason for coming, her visit did me some good. Even though it was a few hours spread over a couple of days our time together was a lot of fun and it felt like we had known each other for years.

I’ve gone to a fair number of movies as of late. Last week it was ‘Ghostbusters’, the week before that it was ‘The Secret Life of Pets’, I’ve seen ‘Finding Dory’ twice
and plan to see the new ‘Ice Age’ movie this weekend. I’ll be going to ‘Suicide Squad’ when that comes out later this summer.
Having access to audio description in the theater has made the experience a much more enjoyable one for me. I sort of keep away from action movies because of how much I miss out on by not being able to see the action. That is likely to change going forward.

I mentioned in my last post testing an audio description feature on my iPhone. It turns out that the feature isn’t necessary for me. It also turns out that there are far more films with audio description available on iTunes than I had previously believed. I was unaware that a feature had been added to iTunes where you could get an audio description track on any film that they were made available for and as I said there were more than I thought. I also got the feature to work on NetFlix.
I used the feature to rewatch the first part of season 1 of ‘The Ranch’. I absolutely love that show and while I thought it was funny even without the track the first couple of times I watched it, having the track available helped me fill in the gaps. I also used the feature to try out the show ‘BoJack Horseman’ and needless to say I am now a fan. Season three drops in a few hours and I can’t wait.

I am on a good reading pace this month. I have completed 12 books in July with time to add to that total. Last month it was 14 books all month but in fairness, one of them was 55 hours long. I reread Star Wars: Aftermath before reading the sequel ‘Life Debt’. I went back and read ‘A New Dawn’ and ‘Tarkin’ again as well.

I have cut back dramatically on the amount of soda that I drink. I still will partake of one when I am out to eat and they don’t have lemonade or a fruit drink. I went to Culver’s earlier this month on a trip to Mitchell and had their strawberry smoothie…it was fantastic! Around the house I am drinking more water and when I want something different I will have some lemonade.

The events of earlier this week not withstanding, I feel my mood turning sour again. I’m just feeling restless again I guess. It doesn’t help that money is kind of tight. Hopefully I’ll be in a better mood next month.

That’s pretty much all I have to say for right now.