Catching Up

I haven’t really written much as of late. Yes, I have put up some posts related to Audiobook news but I don’t really count that as writing. I don’t count that because those posts are easy and don’t require much in the way of creativity. They are based on facts, what is on sale, when is it on sale, how long is it on sale, where is it on sale and so on. I can hammer out posts like those without much effort or enthusiasm. I don’t mean that to sound like I don’t want to write those posts only to say it doesn’t take a lot of motivation to get me to write one of those posts.

The last post I wrote that I put a lot of thought into and revealed something about myself was back on May the third. That’s a far cry from my stated goal from earlier this year to write something on this blog every day.

I look back at that goal and see it as a mistake. It was a well-intentioned mistake but a mistake nonetheless. I don’t mean to say it is a mistake for everyone to have a goal of writing every day only that it is not something I should have ever espired to do. I have mentioned previously that if I force myself to do things that I enjoy then eventually they feel like chores and my interest dies off. This is why it was a bad idea for me to try and write something on my blog even when I didn’t feel like doing so.
But it isn’t just my blog writing that has been dormant lately. I haven’t done anything with my fiction writing since before my dad passed away. I’m okay with that for the moment. For one thing I did such a good job of laying down a foundation for what I want that to be about and for who my character is that when I do get back to it I will be able to look over what I wrote down and continue where I left off.
But I haven’t been writing because the frame of mind for me to do so has not been there. I’ve desired to be outside more and as I write on a desktop it is hard to do both of those things at the same time. I have also been reading more the past couple of months than I was earlier this year when I was writing more. When my reading goes down as it naturally does then I think my writing will pick back up.

I have attempted to write other blog posts before this one. The first time I got maybe three sentences in before I walked away from the entire post. I erased it and moved on to something else. I’m sure if I didn’t really like the tone or content I could have just revised it but I looked on it with some measure of disgust and at that point it was easier to move on.
The second time I maybe got five paragraphs into the post before the exact thing happened. Again, revising might have fixed whatever problem I had with it but I didn’t feel like that would end well so I walked away again.

One reason for my lack of writing is that a lot of the blogs I followed had also gone quiet. Some of them are still quiet. Nothing from Amanda, Meg, Mia and Melissa hadn’t written anything until recently. Jena had been inactive for awhile as well but has written a couple of good articles recently.
Now, I’m not saying that you should blame them for my not writing as much. But what I have realized is that I often drew inspiration from what others were talking about. Reading their posts gave me ideas for my own articles and some of those ended up inspiring more articles from them. It was sort of like a perpetual motion machine of creativity and like so many other parts of life it could only sustain itself for so long. I do think it could be sparked again and that the cycle would repeat itself and if it does that’s okay, you can’t have any highs if you don’t have any lows.

So what has been happening with me lately? Not much that is really worth mentioning. I am going to be speaking at the Huron Noon Lion’s Club meeting some time in the very near future. I don’t know if they have something they would specifically like me to address or if I can pick my own topic but if I can pick my own topic I do have one in mind.

I recently tested the audio description feature on the Disney Movies Anywhere app. Right not it only works for movies from Pixar but I’m sure it will be expanded in the future.
This is basically how it works. I logged into the app on my iPhone and selected the movie I was going to watch (The Incredibles). I used my Apple TV to play the actual movie, while using the microphone on my phone, the app sinked up the audio description track to the movie and I heard that track through the speaker on my phone. It worked pretty well and I will definitely use that feature more in the future.

Speaking of Pixar, I went to see ‘Finding Dory’ the other day. I used the audio description headset while I was at the theater. I was distracted for part of the movie by the small child sitting behind me that wanted to be anywhere else in the world and it got so bad that they eventually chose to leave. But that’s sort of what you get when you go to the 4:20 PM showing of an animated movie during the summer months.
As for what I thought of the movie itself, my thoughts are sort of complicated. The first thing you need to understand is that ‘Finding Nemo’ is not my favorite Pixar movie and isn’t really even close to the top of my list. Now, I love Pixar movies so even my least favorite would be better than a lot of other movies but still.
Having said that, Dory may be my favorite Pixar character of all time. If it isn’t her than it is Syndrome from The Incredibles. I think the writing for Dory has always played to Ellen Degeneres’ biggest strengths from my favorite part of her career, her days in standup comedy and the first few years of her sitcom.
So having said all of that, I think ‘Finding Nemo’ is a better movie than ‘Finding Dory’ but I think I will probably watch ‘Finding Dory’ more often. And now you know why I don’t review movies very often.

The longest Audiobook I have read from start to finish is ‘The Kid: The Immortal Life of Ted Williams’ which was just over 35 hours long. I read that one back in 2014. I am in the middle of a book that is longer than that one by nearly 20 hours. I am currently reading ‘A Patriot’s History of the United States (updated edition)’ which clocks in at 55 hours and 43 minutes. I’m about 20% of the way through and hope to have it completed before the calendar hits July. It is narrated by Patrick Lawlor which is one reason I found the book appealing.. He’s one of my favorites and if you’re going to spend 55 hours with a person’s voice you should hope that it is one that you enjoy hearing.

I’m trying to think if there is anything else. Last Sunday was father’s day and the first father’s day without my dad. I was not in good spirits at all last weekend and was in a pretty bad mood from Friday night to Sunday. I tried to talk to people to help distract me but it had mixed results. June 28 would have been my parent’s 41st wedding anniversary so that’s yet another difficult day coming fast. But the mother of all days I am not looking forward to is July 3.
July 3, 2002 was the day I got Ginny. This will be the first time that I must commemorate that day without her. Combine that with the first July 4 holiday without both Ginny and my dad and things could get emotional.

I think David Baldacci is fast becoming one of if not my favorite author. I really like the depth that he gives to his characters. The ending of the third book in his ‘Will Robie’ series actually got me to shed a tear or two.

I think I have said enough for now. I hope to write more frequently because I do enjoy writing this blog and the interactions that result from it. I will try to be more active but I won’t force it. I’m happy to interact with you in other ways, however. You can Friend me on Facebook, follow me on twitter, friend me on goodreads or add me on skype (my username is: I don’t always use skype for voice calling but I do use it a lot to instant message and I really do enjoy talking to people. Hope you all are well.

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  1. I knew if they asked you to speak you’d come to a meeting! Every year and Leann are here to serve and every year they say, we’ve tried to talk to Casey about Lions like you said to but we can’t seem to get anything moving. This year I said, well, I bet if you ask him to speak, you could get him to come. Aha! I was right!

    Now if I can just figure out how to get you to talk to me about coming down here……..


    • There are reasons why it never happened until now but mostly it happened because I ran into Gene Chapman as we were both leaving the Plains on Tuesday. I gave him my phone number…and this is the key part, I asked him for his so that when he called I would know who it is. I rarely if ever take calls from numbers I don’t recognize. And when they did call, they couldn’t leave a voice mail for me to call them back becaus AT&T redid their whole voice mail system some time ago and I have never been able to get it set up and haven’t ever gone to AT&T directly to make them do it. But when I talked to him Tuesday I did agree to speak and he said he’d call me in a few days which I am still expecting.


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