Happy June is Audiobook Month!

June is Audiobook month. Don’t believe me? Well, it is true. Recorded Books has a blog post all about it and everything.

The first of their narrator spotlights has been posted. Read all about Amanda Leigh Cobb at the provided link. But Recorded Books aren’t the only ones celebrating June is Audiobook Month.

I’ll try and keep track of as much of this month’s happenings as I can and post things whenever I come across them. These might include sales, promotions, articles or what have you.

Something that may not necessarily be connected with the celebration of audiobooks this month is an offer from the folks at PDQ Audiobooks. If you buy a book from their catalog on Audible.com you can receive a promotional code for any book in the entire audible.com catalog. Find detailed instructions by clicking here. An active Audible.com membership is NOT required to take advantage of this promotional offer.

Frankly, a better source of information on what is happening in the Audiobook world than I could hope to be is The Audiobook Community. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Let James Patterson tell you why he loves audiobooks.

More updates to come. Enjoy June is Audiobook Month!