Unveils New “Send This Book” Feature: Offers Everyone a Free Audiobook

The folks at have unveiled a new feature called “send this book”.

It allows anyone to send a book from their Audible library to anyone, regardless of whether or not they are or ever have been an audible member. The first book recommendation redeemed by an individual is free.

As an example, I received the book ‘Jurassic Park’ recommended by my friend Scott. Redeeming the book meant that I got it for free. I sent him a few books from which to choose as his free book and he chose ‘Console Wars’. I sent my friend Duane the book ‘Star Wars: Bloodline’ which he redeemed as his free book. If Duane were to send me a book recommendation, I would have to pay for it as described below.

Think of this as a way to recommend books in your library to others. The first book you redeem is free, if you wish to redeem subsequent book recommendations a few different scenarios are in play. You can read about that by clicking here and figuring out which scenario applies to you. In my case, the next book recommendation I receive, if I choose to redeem it, I can purchase the book at either the membership price or with a credit.

Any questions you may have about the “send this book” feature can be answered on on this page.

You can read a Washington Post article about the feature by clicking here.