This page will be where my dad’s obituary and funeral information ends up being posted. It is also where you can go to sign his register book.

The funeral is Tuesday morning with a visitation on Monday night. My cousin Shiloh will be handling the musical aspect of the ceremony per my dad’s request. I don’t know if dad had someone specifically in mind to deliver his eulogy but I volunteered to do so. My eulogy will feature some of what I wrote here.

Last night, after putting up my blog post and after reading Facebook comments and other messages I watched Kobe Bryant play his final game with the Los Angeles Lakers. I don’t know if there is any symbolism behind my favorite player on my favorite basketball team playing his final NBA game on the same day that my father passed away but it certainly did get me thinking.

Well, if you don’t know by now, Kobe dropped 60 points on the Jazz and led the Lakers to a rare victory this season. It hit me that it was the kind of thing that I would have talked to my dad about the next time we spoke. There will be sports conversations in my future but it is never the same as a father and son talking ball.

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