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I am back from Sioux Falls. I actually got back from Sioux Falls at about 8 PM on Friday night but was too busy and then too tired to write a post about all that has gone on over the past few days.

This will not be a complete update on my dad’s health because there are certain aspects of that which still need to be relayed to certain people. I would rather wait on some of that until I can be sure that all the people who need to know have been filled in so that they don’t have to read about it on my blog.

What I will say is that when dad arrived at the hospital in Sioux Falls on Tuesday they performed several tests. They did blood work and ran a CT scan. On Wednesday they did an MRI to see if his cancer was blocking the bile duct. That was important. If the cancer were blocking the duct then there wouldn’t have been anything that they could do for him. The results were read on Thursday and happily there was no blockage whatsoever from the cancer or otherwise.

I stayed with my cousin Shiloh while I was in town. This is not unusual, I stay with her whenever I need to be in Sioux Falls over night. I’m glad to be able to stay with her especially in a time like this. As I told her Thursday night and had told a friend earlier that day, if I weren’t at her place I would have been climbing the walls. I am not particularly good at waiting around and there was a lot of waiting around this week.
It was nice to be in a familiar place that feels like a home away from home and to be near people who care for you and for whom you care a great deal.
On Wednesday night I went to listen to Shiloh and her singing partner Jerry sing. They have been singing together for years as L’Attitude. It is a pretty enjoyable show and I’m not just saying that because she’s my cousin. Actually, I enjoy hearing them perform and any time they have a show while I am in Sioux Falls I do try to go with them. Jerry’s also a pretty entertaining fellow and some of his antics before and after the show had my nephews and I laughing quite a bit which was a nice distraction.

I didn’t spend as much time at the hospital as some of my family members. The hospital rooms aren’t exactly the most comfortable and given how much I dislike waiting around that probably would have made things worse. I did make sure to make plenty of appearances but my mom practically spent all of her time there with the exceptions of eating and sleeping.
Even if I wasn’t there as much as other members of my family, my dad was never lacking for visitors. A lot of people came to see him including some that made the drive from Huron to Sioux Falls specifically for that purpose. Dad’s two older sisters also have made their way to South Dakota from Indiana and Utah to kick his butt again, his younger sister lives in Huron so is always near enough to do some butt kicking.

I was overwhelmed by the thoughts and prayer messages I received throughout the past few days. I had a small list of people that I texted with updates sometimes two or three times a day. I got some phone calls as well that were quite helpful in keeping me entertained and calm. I did my best to pass on everyone’s well wishes to my dad. I have often wrote about how I have so few friends. The truth is that I have many friends but unfortunately not so many of them are nearby. But they have all been so helpful and I couldn’t ask for a better group.

Casey’s Song of the Day

I should really change the name of this feature because I don’t post a song every day. But ‘Casey’s here’s a song that ties in to my post’ doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. But I do have a song that ties in to my post and it is one of my favorites. I first remember hearing this in ‘The Cartridge Family’ one of my favorite episodes of ‘The Simpsons’. The song is by Tom Petty and it pretty much sums up how I’ve felt over the past few days.

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