Dad Update

My dad was transported to the emergency room via ambulance earlier this morning. He is not doing well. He is very jaundice right now and has elected to stop chemo treatments not that they could have given him chemo in his current condition.

He was in the hospital on Easter Sunday and the next day to have fluid drained. At that time the doctor told my mom that it was likely that his kidneys were failing. His vital signs were good this morning but his blood sugar was at 73 yesterday. That Easter hospital visit came three days after he checked out of the hospital after being low on blood on the previous Monday. So things have taken a rough turn in the last 2 weeks or so.

At about 11 this morning he was again transported via ambulance to Sioux Falls which is a two hour drive from Huron. My mom, siblings, nephews and I will be headed that direction before the end of the day.

My dad’s two older sisters will be headed in to South Dakota later this week from Utah and Indiana.

Before I left the emergency room this morning, I made sure to tell my dad that I love him and I thanked him for all he has ever done for me and for all of the valuable lessons that he has taught me in my life. I don’t believe that will be our last conversation but if it does end up to be the case, I am glad I got the chance to say what I said before it was too late.

I am planning to be in Sioux Falls for at least a couple of days. I really have no idea how things will play out or how long it will take but I’m at least packed for a few days. I don’t know that I will have much of a chance to update my blog but if I do I will certainly keep you updated on the situation as it unfolds.

I appreciate all of the kind words, thoughts and prayers that have and will continue to come in the direction of myself and my family.

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