Dad Update

As I was getting myself ready to head over to my brother’s for Easter dinner, I received a text from my sister. My dad was headed back to the hospital for the second time since Monday.

On Monday, he went in because he was low on blood. He had diarrhea that morning and was in pretty rough shape when I was with him. They kept him in until Thursday morning when he was allowed to go home. He was able to go and watch my nephews bowl on Thursday afternoon so that was good.

Now he is back. They are going to drain fluid off of his lung. I believe this is the third time that he has had that done this year. He’s also had fluid build-up elsewhere as one of the side effects of his current chemo treatment. I don’t suspect he will be in longer than over night this time at least that is what my sister led me to believe. He’s scheduled to go to Sioux Falls on Tuesday for the next chemo treatment. I don’t know if that will be delayed or not based on what has happened to him within the last week.

Cancer really sucks. It is like a dark cloud that hovers over everything. Think you’re going to enjoy a quiet uneventful Easter dinner? Cancer thinks differently. Watching my dad battle cancer for the past 14 months has been both heartbreaking and encouraging at the same time. The fight has been tough and as hard as it is for me to say so, it is a fight that he’s not winning. I wish that weren’t so but that has been the truth for a while now. When and if cancer does finally take him, it will have worked hard to do so because he is fighting so hard against it.

I am glad that I have friends that care. When I found out he was in the hospital again I texted a few friends. I heard from all of them within a very short window of time. Messages of encouragement, condolences, offers of help and virtual hugs all around. Just being able to tell people what is happening helps me to feel better. It makes a difference because it shows me that when times are difficult there are people that I am able and will be able to turn to for support. It means more to me than I can possibly explain.

Sorry cancer but your best attempt to ruin my Easter wasn’t enough. I know you’ll try again but you cannot take away memories and precious time together. In the short-term you may win but in the long-term you have lost.

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  1. I am so sorry. Cancer has taken people for me too, and you’re right, it sucks! I hate it, and also dimentia diseases, more than I hate anything in the world. Prayers for your dad.

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    • Thanks, Jena. Between dad’s cancer diagnosis, the cancer diagnosis of a friend who is younger than I, my Grandmother dying and my dog dying 3 days after Christmas, 2015 was not a banner year for me. All that is in the archives here.

      Your thoughts and prayers, as well as kind words are greatly appreciated. 🙂


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