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I spent some time this morning writing and editing my Jillian Cage story. I hope you all read the story I posted yesterday although I know that some people were unaware that I had paginated the post and as a result did not see the story until I pointed out it was on page 2. If you missed the story click here and you’ll be taken directly to the second page of yesterday’s post where it will be found.

I need to explain something. What I posted yesterday was an unedited version of my story. It had actually been edited by my friend but I posted my original unedited version.

Oddly enough, I think posting it on the blogged helped me with a couple of things even though I didn’t get any feedback in the form of comments. Once I posted it to my blog, I began to see it as something being put in front of an audience. When I saw it that way I had some concerns that I felt needed to be addressed.
I have subsequently made a couple of minor changes that will be noticeable when I next post an update. In the story that was posted I have two sisters named Jane and Janelle. I found these names to be too close to one another and feared that it would be hard for readers to remember which one was which. So Jane is now gone with the character who had been known by that name now being Janelle. The character who was Janelle is now known as Jennifer. I realize that might still sound confusing if you have just read yesterday’s post but in the future it will all make sense.

I think I need to join a writer’s group or something like that. I need to find people who can help me with my writing in a more meaningful way. I mean, I appreciate the feedback I get from those select few people that get to read the story first. But I need people to help me focus on specific ideas and who can work with me on a more regular basis. I still have ideas but I can feel the dead-end coming and want to avoid that if I can.

Ironically, I think I am the perfect person for someone to collaborate with on a project such as this. For one thing, I do not reject good ideas just because they do not come from my own head. I’ve always believed that a good idea is a good idea regardless of where it comes from. This philosophy has served me well in life up to this point, let me assure you.
The second reason I am a good collaborator on practically any project is that I am not motivated by credit. I don’t need to receive credit for anything that I do to be happy. In reality, I tend to deflect credit more than anything. I am not one of those people who feels like he needs his ego stroked on a constant basis. I know what I have accomplished in life and thus don’t need anything beyond that knowledge to be satisfied. I’m not bragging about my lack of an ego, I am fortunate enough to have learned perspective and can thank a lot of people for having a hand in that particular life lesson.

So I wrote and edited this morning. I set aside the story I was working on about the great drone war. I like what I have in that story and still see where it fits in my overall plan for Jillian Cage. But I wanted to write my character and she doesn’t appear in the great drone war story. So I went back to writing her today and was glad I did. I knew what the next step was going to be after the story I posted yesterday and I was glad to get to it. Perhaps now that I have put that story into words I will be more eager to get back to the drones and the mayhem that they inflicted on the world.

Anyway, that is my Saturday morning. I have no idea what the rest of today will bring. I only know what I am going to do next which is take a nap.

3 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. I loved the story! I found it especially interesting how she has so many siblings, and I could see it turning into a huge series. There is so much potential in this character! I am excited to read more! If you want a wonderful writers’ critique website, check out It’s the best one I’ve found because the writers are motivated, respectful of everyone else’s writing, and focused on their projects.

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    • Thanks, Jena. I have a small group of people that I share my progress with on a more regular basis than it is going to get posted to this blog. If you’d like to be added to that list, email me at ctrowbridge at midco dot net and I will make sure you see the updates as they come. It is entirely up to you.

      I will also check out that website, thanks for the suggestion.


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