Allow me to Introduce Jillian Cage

Okay, so today I decided to share online what I have only shared in private with a few people. I’ve discussed this project long enough but now I’m actually going to prove that it exists in some form outside of just my brain. I am posting the second short story I wrote involving my main character Jillian Cage.

This story is about the beginning of Jillian’s year and why it didn’t get off to a good start. The story is about her relationship with other members of her family. I hint about the type of work that she does but that will be devoloped further as the story continues. Really, calling this a story isn’t quite fair because it is more an exerpt from a larger story.

I’ll put the story on the next page and then on the page after that I will comment on a few things. If you have any feedback, I would appreciate the comments. So far it has all been positive with those that I have talked to giving me ideas for things to expand on in the future. Keep in mind that this is basically a first draft. As I figure out where I’m going to ultimately go with this things will change. There’s not a lot of descriptive text and I’ve written about that aspect of my writing in previous posts. Without further delay here is the story.

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