One of Those Weeks

This will not go down as one of the better weeks of my life. It won’t go down as a memorably bad week either. It has just been…a week.

The streak is over, time to start a new streak. I didn’t write anything on Tuesday or Wednesday. On Tuesday I spent longer than anticipated on the phone and so nothing got written or recorded. Yesterday, I did some writing but it wasn’t something that will be posted here at least not right away. I was actually working on my fiction project. I started a short story about the world at large and how it works around the year 2086 when my main character of Jillian Cage is 27 years old. The working title of my story is ‘The Great Drone War’ and it is likely that after it is written, edited and passed around for comment that it will be the first bit of fiction I post to my blog.

Unfortunately, I just haven’t felt motivated to get much done this week. I don’t know if it is part of the change in seasons or if something else is at work. I guess I haven’t really felt right since that stupid time change a couple of weeks back. I’m just a little bit out of it. So even though I started writing the story yesterday I don’t actually feel like I accomplished anything.

I’m sure taking my dad to the hospital on Monday has also played a part in my current mood. We took him in because he was complaining of diarrhea. Actually, Monday morning my mom called and asked if I would go out to their house and sit with dad so he wasn’t alone while she and my sister were working. I agreed but when we got there he was in bad shape and wanted to go to the emergency room. So instead of staying out there we brought him in and they discovered that he was low on blood.
As I write this, he is still in the hospital but could be released today. From talking to my mom it seemed that he started to improve once they gave him blood. He is scheduled to go to Sioux Falls again next Tuesday for a chemo treatment. I am not sure if that will happen or not given his current condition but suspect that he’ll at least make the trip and find out what they want to do. I’m not sure if I will be going on this one, however.

This weekend is Easter. It sure doesn’t feel like Easter but then again, what is Easter supposed to feel like? I’m not super-enthusiastic about Easter this year and it is possible that I won’t really do much to acknowledge the day. My brother and his girlfriend/fiance/whatever are wanting to host dinner but I don’t know. I was sort of put in charge of getting everyone in the loop on that but have not done a great job. It has been a littl hard since my dad’s hospital stay has thrown everything out of whack a bit.

I’m not going to lie. Not posting anything these last two days has annoyed me greatly. Posting every day this year regardless of mood was something that I have been proud of and now it is over. I guess I could cheat and back date a voice post or two just so it looks good at the end of the year but that really does feel like cheating. Anyway, this entry is starting to feel kind of pointless so I am going to end it before it gets worse. I’ve sort of fallen behind on blog readings this week as well which makes sense because I’ve fallen behind on so much other stuff as well. I will try and get caught up as soon as I can. Be well and happy Easter to all.

3 thoughts on “One of Those Weeks

  1. I am having those same lackluster feelings right now, probably because of the change in seasons. I am sorry this was such a difficult week for you, and I hope you feel better and have a much better week coming up. I will keep your dad in my prayers.

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    • Hi Jena:

      Thanks very much for your comment, I appreciate the kind words and the prayers.

      Glad I’m not the only one who knows what the season changes can do to a person. I love Spring but when the calendar says it is spring but the weather says it is still winter that’s an extra bummer. Just one of those things we deal with up here in South Dakota.

      I checked out your blog and left a comment. Have a great day!

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