March Madness

Sometimes, I think my blog couldn’t have been named any better if I had actually tried. This is one of those times. The words “random catastrophe” are sometimes the perfect description for my March Madness bracket.

Yes indeed, it is that time of year. Time to do the research, listen to the experts and fill out those March Madness brackets. Then watch it all go to hell by Saturday.

As is my usual custom, I have set up a March Madness pool on Yahoo. I’m using a little different scoring system this year as you now get bonus points for picking upsets.

If you have never played before, all I can say is that gives you a decent chance of winning. The reason is that sometimes beginners are successful because seasoned players over-think everything and it leads to their doom. Not that such a thing has ever happened to me, absolutely never…seriously, never…okay, once…or twice.

Joining the pool couldn’t be any easier. Just click here to get started. Clicking that link should not require you to use a password. However, if it does, the password is MarchMadness. Then after the seedings are announced tonight, go back and fill in your bracket. That’s the most important part as my friend Euan can tell you. It is a lot of fun and sometimes there is crying, usually from Euan.