Off Key

Tonight, I went out to listen to some live music. I went with a friend to listen to Black Water Band. I love this group and one of the things I like best about them is the diversity in their playlist. Whenever I listen to live music of any kind, I always have the same thought and it occurred again tonight. I wish I could do that.

Musical talent runs in my family but unfortunately not through me. I have a few cousins and other relatives who are musically inclined and they are very good in my admittedly bias opinion. But I seem to be tone deaf. Tell me your guitar or piano is out of tone and I’ll be like ‘Okay man, whatever’. I tell people that I sing in the key of off. When I imagine myself as a musician I always pick the drums but I also know that it isn’t going to happen.

I don’t really sing. I am not a good singer. My college roommate told me I wasn’t a good singer and that was not news to me at the time, I already knew it. You can get me to sing but you really have to get me to lower my guard. I’m not volunteering to do it not by a longshot. I always tell people that if I sing for them it means they have pissed me off. Perhaps I imbellish my horribleness a little bit but I do try to know my limitations.

I do understand this to be true, however. The fact that I have no musical talent does not mean I don’t have any talent. I excel in areas that none of my musically inclined family or friends do. This is not bragging it is a natural observation. So the fact that I’m no musician doesn’t actually bother me at all.


If there is an upside to having no musical talent it is this. I really appreciate the musical talent of others. Like I said above, I really love listening to Black Water Band and other groups live. I enjoy going to listen to my cousin Shiloh and her singing partner whenever I can. I think if I had an ear for music, I would be a lot more critical and a lot less fun. While we were listening to the band my friend leaned over and asked why I was smiling. I told her the honest truth. I was enjoying my evening.