Nuts and Bolts

I may not have accomplished much today but at least I didn’t spend any of my time convinced it was Friday. So in that sense I am a little bit better off than I was yesterday. Also, I managed to remember to write something today before the last minute so I have that going for me.

I talked to my mom earlier today. My dad was wondering if I would be going with them to Sioux Falls next Tuesday for dad’s next round of chemo. I’m going to take this as a sign that he likes it that I’ve been coming along with them. As I have no reason not to go back with them, I told her that I would go. This time his appointment is at 11 AM so we won’t have to get up quite so early.

I am really excited about my fiction project involving the lovely Ms. Jillian Cage. I have some interesting ideas that I can’t wait to explore and I am at the stage where each idea seems to be leading to two or three more possibilities. But I also know how I can be when it comes to this sort of thing and the truth is that I often get excited about projects that don’t end up lasting. When was the last time you saw me write an Audiobook review? I’ll answer that for you it was about a month ago.
But the point is that for awhile I was super excited about writing audiobook reviews and having a website dedicated to them. Now I’m lucky if I write one a month and in fact, I haven’t even read a book from start to finish yet this month. So if I’m not still working on this project in November please don’t be surprised because I won’t be. I hope I’m still working on it in November but I also know my own failings. As I have said before, I am always more interested in the beginnings of projects than I am in the middle or at the end.

Here is an honest assessment of where I think I am in terms of the writing process. I could be wrong and over-inflating myself in this case but I believe my strength is in writing characters and developing them. I haven’t spent much time writing any dialog between Jillian and anyone else which is why I decided that I am going to make that a priority. So of those potential nexts steps I discussed yesterday I am going to pick one that forces me to write some dialog. Explaining how the world of Jillian Cage has gotten to where it is could involve some dialog but I would rather put her in an actual conversation.
I think I will actually be pretty good at writing dialog that both entertains and informs. As I said, I believe character and character development is my biggest strength write now. I think I can do a good job of explain what motivates people but do so in a way that makes it seem natural as opposed to forced on a reader for the sake of character development or enhancement. I might be wrong but those who have read my short story and reference guide have generally said they want more with one person saying she was hooked and both of those items concentrated on one character and how she thinks and relates to others.

Now that I have shared what I think I might be good at I will even things out by talking about my biggest problem areas. I call it the nuts and bolts. I am very weak when it comes to descriptions. I do not describe backgrounds, objects or other physical traits very well. In the short story I wrote I described Jillian’s car as nondescript and while there was a very specific reason for my use of that word in that instance it won’t fly for everything.
I believe I have a good graspe on why this is an issue for me. As someone who is visually impaired and for intents and purposes totally blind, it is not often that I am asked to describe things to someone else. I am usually on the receiving end of that conversation. I was able to see better in my youth and so I do have an understanding of color but not necessarily colors appropriate or appealing for an outfit or the decore in a room.
Essentially, I can paint a pretty good picture of a person’s personality but can’t do much of anything when it comes to painting a picture of an actual person. Actually, describing people isn’t really that difficult as there are only so many hair, eye and skin colors to choose from and I do have an understanding of body size. But if I want to put Jillian n Jamaica we both might end up getting lost. But it is also things like knowing how a person might grip a weapon or being able to discuss the appearance of said weapon that will give me problems.
I actually see this as being an issue down the road for me. You need to paint a complete picture when writing. Having a compelling character might suck people in but there still has to be more to it.

This is why there is a good chance I will ultimately need to find a co-author if I am to take this project to the stage of a full book or series. I just think that will be the best solution to the problems I am having. I can see myself providing all of the parts needed to build an interesting story but having to rely on someone else to do the assembly that turns a pile of parts into an appealing finished product.

If anyone has any thoughts or advice for me in this area I would love to hear it. What I can do now is work on the things that I am good at but eventually that other stuff is going to need to be addressed in a very significant way.

That is really all I have to share for today. I don’t know what the weekend will hold. I need to get out for awhile and enjoy the nice weather. Following NFL free agency has been fun but eventually things will slow dow and I’ll need a break and human contact.