Wednesday isn’t Thursday

I don’t know why Wednesdays trick me into thinking that they’re Thursdays but they do. I had this same thing happen two weeks ago where I spent a lot of Wednesday thinking it was Thursday. I blame it on the Schwans man. When he comes every other Wednesday, something happens that makes me think it is Thursday.

I share that little story with you because it is the most interesting part of my day. I didn’t really do anything today. I followed NFL Free Agency news on Twitter all day while listening to episodes of my favorite podcast The Lapsed Fan.
The start of NFL Free Agency is one of my favorite times of year. I love following all of the moves, all of the rumored moves and all of the deals that are never made. NFL free agency is one of the reasons I have social media accounts and that has definitely changed how free agency is covered. There wasn’t round the clock free agency news in 1998 or 1999 even with The Internet being in people’s homes and there weren’t very many easy ways for fans to react to the moves of their teams or hated rivals. I’ve said previously that I like Twitter more than Facebook and this is one of the main reasons why.

Following up on my post from yesterday, the 3 people who gave me feedback on the short story I wrote last week received the Jillian Cage family tree in their email. They all got back to me with positive comments and one of them, guess who, helped me correct an error that I would have fixed eventually but had overlooked when sending out that attachment.
Each person had different comments and each focused in on a different aspect of the family tree for their comments. That makes me feel good because it makes me think that the elements of that I plan to work into future stories can be fit in rather easily and people will understand them. The things they were commenting on weren’t things I told them to look for when I was explaining the document.

So what is going to happen next? I have a few possible ways I can go with the next step in the process.

  • I can continue the ‘day in the life’ story I started last week with Jillian at work.
  • I can revise what I wrote last week.
  • I can do something similar to the family tree and write a story explaining the condition of the world Jillian lives in and how it got there.
  • I can add elements of her family tree in to a different short story.

Any of those things would be fine. Setting out the condition of the world and creating that back story is something I’m going to really have fun with when I do it. I sort of did a little of that last week where in my original short story I talked about some of the wars that had taken place in recent decades. When I wrote that story, I had a 33 year-old Jillian Cage alive in 2054. After setting her family tree up yesterday, I now have a 27 year-old Jillian Cage on January 1, 2086. The truth is that the world of Jillian Cage in 2086 is pretty similar to the world we live in today and one of the big things to be dealt with will be why things haven’t advanced much further. I talked about it in the short story I wrote last week but a deeper examination of things will need to be done at some point. I’m just not sure that will be the next thing I write.
The truth is I’m excited to write all of those things I listed above. I’m taking a break only because NFL free agency has my attention for now. I’m probably going to do the bulk of my writing next week early in the week so that I am free to enjoy March Madness next Thursday through Sunday. Oh, you’ll be hearing more about March Madness from me soon enough.

That’s pretty much all I have for today. I’m actually proud of myself because I almost forgot to post something at all that’s how focused I have been on other things today. Enjoy your Thursday which is not today, unless you’re reading this on Thursday in which case enjoy today which is the real Thursday and not the fake one that came up for me on Wednesday. Got that? I promise my fiction writing is not as confusing as my nonfiction writing can sometimes be and actually I find that a little disconcerting.

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