Your vote counts…maybe vote for me, please?

I would very much appreciate it if my readers, both of you, would go and follow the instructions in my friend’s post. She is a finalist in a short-story writing contest and needs all the likes she can get to win, so follow this post for all of the information. Read all 3 stories

and if you like hers best, vote for it.


Darkness had already fallen last night, and I was preparing for some relaxing time with a book when my phone beeped to indicate the arrival of an email.
My heart stopped as I read the notification email telling me that ‘the finalists had been announced’. It was from this blog. You may have seen an earlier post that I shared, announcing a writing contest for a new publishing company that had been established, called Endever Publishing.
I entered the contest, with the help of a couple of very good friends…..

And I made the TOP THREE FINALISTS!!!! Here is where you come in, because you need to go along and cast your vote, please!

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