It has Begun

After a week’s delay, today was finally the day that I sat down and worked on my fiction writing project. It wasn’t particularly indepth and I don’t know how much time I spent writing, perhaps only about 90 minutes or so but you have to start somewhere, right?

I took my fictional character, Jillian Cage, on a drive to work. My original idea to get the ball rolling on exploring who she was and the world she lived in was to do a day in her life. I thought I would start that day with her drive to work. It gave me a chance to explore what she thought about as she drove to work. It turned out that the state of the world was what she thought about on the drive to work.

I got to explore the condition of her world. What was the technology like? What was society like? The emphasis was on what things were like in her world. The question of why they are that way is a very important one and it is one that I plan to explore down the road. But for now, because I am working on a day in her life, going too far into history is sort of a side trip.

I didn’t talk a lot about her personality in that small story that I wrote. This is because she doesn’t think about her personality when she drives to work. Her personality will be revealed when she interacts with other people which she did not do on her solo drive to work. The next portion of the story I intend to write is about her day at the office and that will let her interact with other people and that is when the reader will get a better idea of how people see her.

I sent what I wrote to five people who I know that are writers. I sent it to them explaining what I was trying to do and what I know needed to still be addressed. I don’t think I will email them after I write each segment or what because I don’t want to overwhelm them by having them look at what I’ve done each time I work on it. I wanted some feedback today because this was the first thing I wrote. I may check in with them from time to time, once a month or so to show them future progress but maybe not more often than that unless they ask.

It feels good to have some of the ideas that I’ve had in my head down on paper. Now that they are written down, I can make room in my head for more ideas. I intended to use Friday as my day to write but now that I have actually started I think I will revisit it for a little while each day. I may only edit what I have written so far but at least that would be something.

I didn’t use a traditional outline for my writing. Once I have an idea of where the first story is going to go I will probably commit to an outline. But the story that I want to tell for this character is obvioulsy much larger than just one day in her life. I picked that concept as a starting point because I thought it would be good to establish all of the things about her that I wanted to establish before plopping her down in a larger storyline.

I may eventually post some of this on my blog. Once I have donethe entire day in her life I may post that for comments and feedback. But for now, I will keep it to myself and to the small group of friends that I trust and who’s opinions I value.