Leap Day

Happy Leap Day, everyone. Yes, in case you are somehow unaware, today is not March 1, it is Feburary 29. You only get one of these days every 4 years so make it count…or something.

I went out for donuts today. Going out for donuts is how my friend pays me for the little work I do to keep his website up and running. I did 3 things for him in February so we went to the donut shoppe 3 different times. That’s actually quite a bit more often
than I typically go as it is often no more than once a month and there are some months I don’t go at all.

Then I bought 3 audible credits because they have a 2-for-1 sale going on. You could get 2 books for 1 credit and it runs through the end of the day. I actually took advantage of this sale 3 times so I got a total of 6 books for my 3 credits. Four of the books are continuations of series in which I already owned the first book. One was a book recommended to a friend and the final was a nonfiction book, the only nonfiction book I bought…a rarity for me.

Right now, I am watching episodes of Pawn Stars. I used to watch Pawn Stars all the time. Just like American Pickers I got quite adicted to the shows for awhile. In fact, those two shows, American Restoration, Counting Cars, Swamp People and Ice Road Truckers used to make History the channel I watched the most. That hasn’t been the case for quite some time, however. Pawn Stars has a formula and it is an enjoyable enough formula but sometimes you need to walk away from it for awhile because it just gets to be too familiar.

I will need to take a shower and get ready to spend the night out at my mom and dad’s house. We will be getting up pretty early tomorrow to make sure we are at the doctor’s appointment for my dad on time at 9 AM. Sioux Falls is about 2 hours away so factoring in stops along the way it will probably be 6:30 or earlier when we leave which means awake at no later than 6 AM.

The good weather of the weekend has vanished. It was supposed to snow today and according to my phone it is doing so right now. I don’t think it is supposed to snow a lot but it is quite the change from Saturday. I hear that it is also in the forecast for Thursday. I knew winter wasn’t over yet. Those nice few days of weather did not fool me at all!!!

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