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The Name Game

So my friend put up a new post explaining how she chose the name for her blog and how she ended up with her Skype Username. Never one to shy away from stealing someone elses idea, or their “coffee cup” (inside joke) I decided that I would swipe this topic as well. And just so she doesn’t get too jealous, check out because she’s a good writer as well.

I answer some of these questions on my front page but here is how my blog came to be called “Random Catastrophe”.
Back in the day, I ran a Combat Sports related website with some friends of mine. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun. But I realized quickly that we had topics that we wanted to write about that weren’t related to our subject matter of: Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing. So I created a second blog using similar branding where we could talk other sports, popular culture, entertainment or whatever. Basically, nnothing was off limits on the other site aside from politics and religion.

Well, after awhile the combat sports website changed into something else and then faded away. But I had an idea to just do a site that could be about anything. The topics could be more random. The articles could be good, okay, mediocre or flat out catastrophes. Thus was born. Only, it never became anything for a number of reasons including serious depression on my part. But I still liked the name so kept renewing the doman year after year. Eventually, it linked to an amazon affiliate store that I had set up for the previous combat sports related project.

Well, after I decided in 2015 that it wasn’t really productive for me to have a website all about Audiobooks and a personal website as well, I decided to merge them back in to one site. I decided that it was time for the Random Catastrophe name to come back into play. Thus that idea I had held on to for years was brought back to life.

I’m leaving a few things out like why it is and not but that really isn’t important. I’m glad I kept that name in the back of my head for so long and that it would eventually be useful to me once more. Also, in a book I read recently I saw the phrase: “random catastrophes” and could not help but smile. And for the record I still think my posts are quite random and often catastrophes.

My Skype Name:

My Skype name is definitely a product of a certain time. It is connected to my friendship with guys like: Art Shimko, Euan Taylor, Ric Gillespie, Karl Stern, David Wills and Mark Danger. Most of whom either inspired or helped work on the combat sports project mentioned above.
In March of 2006, I sent an email to a podcast hosted by Karl and Ric called: “The Ric and Steve…er…Karl Show”. I sent in one email and they enjoyed it quite a bit. So I sent in another one and then another and eventually I had my own weekly segment on the show.

Well, when you have your own segment, it needs a name. Ric Gillespie decided it should be called: “Casey’s Old Country Corner”. Why was it called the old country corner? Well for that we need to go to Youtube.

The original email I sent to Ric and Karl was inspired by this youtube video of professional wrestler “The Iron Sheik” going on a rant that is as tremendous as it is unsafe for work.

This video was a viral sensation for awhile and if it wasn’t for this video I would have never met Art, Euan and the others. I’ll talk about that more next month but it is true.
Anyway, one of the things Sheiky baby says in the video is the phrase: “old country way”. So that is where the old country in “Casey’s Old Country Corner” originated.

So after a few months of emailing those guys, I finally took their advice. Ric in particular said I needed a blog. So in August 2006, I started one and it was naturally the Old Country Corner. That was where the previously mentioned combat sports project got its start although in the beginning it was more a blog about whatever I wanted to write. The blog is still up for historical purposes but it is truly horrible in every sense of the word.
However, a few months after the blog launched, I had talked Euan Taylor and Art Shimko who I had met through Ric and Karl’s show into writing some stuff. So we were doing that and then had decided that we wanted to launch our own podcast. As Art was on the East Coast and Euan in a foreign land, Skype was the only way to go. So I need a skype name.
We were going to do the old country corner podcast (by the way Euan and I once tried to record an introduction for our show and ended up with 30 minutes of bloopers because it isn’t as easy to say as it sounds) and as sort of the founder of the old country I wanted a name that fit my rank. Well, I thought Old.Country.King or Old.Country.President didn’t really fit. So I decided that really I was just the caretaker of the old country and thus a Skype name was born.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been the old country corner for a very long time so the name doesn’t make sense unless you know the story. But there you have it, how I got my Skype and blog name. The best part is that I can refer back to this post next month when I write about the tenth anniversary of those friendships.

Casey’s Song of the Day

You should have been able to figure out today’s song of the day just from the title of this post.

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