Voice Post: Randomness

This voice post contains a bunch of random bits of information. I talk some about my mood, getting rid of some of Ginny’s things, food, weekend plans, my sleep schedule and a bit on my dad’s new round of cancer treatment.

If it sounds exciting, well it really isn’t. I didn’t know what direction this post was going to go I just started talking when prompted and this is what came out.

2 thoughts on “Voice Post: Randomness

  1. Thanks for the ‘randomness’. It’s nice hearing where you’re at 😉
    That Tropical Smoothie sounds great….I’d be interested to hear what it tastes like 🙂 (But yes, please keep your fingers! :P)
    I would love to have been able to have read five books in as many days! Sigh. As mentioned before, I need extra hours in the day…or maybe a full time nanny to help with ‘kid’ things, LOL!

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  2. I know that this was just a minor part of this post, but, on the topic of embarrassing injuries … I have, and on more than one occasion, poked myself in the eye while washing my hair and/or face.

    PS: In sticking with the theme of your website, your voice posts should be called, “Casey’s Catastrophic Randomness.”

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