My “Booket List”

On Sunday, I was chatting with I Like the Remix about all of the books on my wishlist. My wishlist currently stands at 425 Audiobooks and both she and I will be monitoring how it rises and falls over the year 2016.
She noticed that I have a lot of Tom Clancy novels on that list and wondered if I had actually read on of his books. I pointed out that I read my first Tom Clancy novel in December of 2015. The comment I made next is the genesis of this post.
I said that I felt like Tom Clancy was one of those authors that I should read once. There are some authors and even a few specific books that I want to read at some point in my life. You know about the “bucket list” and I consider this to be my “booket list” because the idea is the same.
In truth, most of my audible wishlist is comprised of series. If I’ve read the first book in a series, chances are the rest of the books in that series are on my wishlist. However, there are also recent releases, classics and multiple books that cover similar subjects that just happen to fascinate me.

There are a few authors that I have read in part because of how popular they are. These would include: Neil Gaiman, James Patterson, David Baldacci, Tom Clancy and Stephen King among others. In all of those cases, I am glad that I have tried them out and have gone back for more. I intend to read Michael Crichton at some point in the future.
I also think I should try a Harry Potter book just to see if it is worth the hype. I’m not sure that one will necessarily be up my alley but to be fair, that is only an assumption. I’ve already written about my desire to read ‘Lord of the Rings’.

There are certain authors I feel like I should read at least once for historical purposes. Not just authors but specific works of theres. I’ve never read Agatha Christie but have a couple of her books in my library. I have never read ‘War and Peace’, ‘Pride and Prejudice’ or ‘A Tale of Two Cities’. Last year, I gave ‘The Great Gatsby’ after disliking it in High School and I ended up liking it more the second time around. This makes me think that I need to revisit some other books I haven’t read in awhile. Another classic work that is on my “booket list” is ‘The Jungle’ by Upton Singclair.

There are also a lot of nonfiction books that make my list but it is harder for me to add nonfiction books to my “booket list”. Mostly because I tend to repeat topics a lot. One nonfiction book that does make the list is ‘The Singularity is Near’ by Ray Kurzweil because I’ve read so many other books that reference that work that one of these days I just need to devote the time to listen to it. That’s not on my wishlist, I bought that book awhile ago. Another that is starting to come up quite a bit in other books that I have read is ‘The Filter Bubble’ by Eli Pariser.

There are also books that I’ve wanted to read for awhile that weren’t available as audiobooks. They were available as eBooks so it isn’t like I had no way of reading them but they weren’t in my preferred format. One of those books is coming to audio for the first time on March 1. I can’t wait to read ‘The Breaks of the Game’ by David Halberstam.

Also in the realm of nonfiction, there are authors that I have read or want to read because of how they come off in interviews. I read Chuck Klosterman and intend to read Malcolm Gladwell because I always enjoy their interviews on The Bill Simmons Podcast.

Of course, I’m sure if you ask fans of film or television they would have lists like this. They’d have lists of films, directors, actors, or episodes of shows that a person should see before they die. But that’s not something that is going to appeal to me as much. Not being able to see, one director’s technique isn’t going to be any different from another for me.

This was just a brief look at some of the books on my “booket list”. I’m sure I will think of others that I wanted to specifically mention but neglected and I’m also sure that I will add more authors and specific titles in the future. So do you have someone you’ve always thought you should read at some point for one reason or another? What about a specific book you’ve always told yourself that you would eventually read?

Casey’s Song of the Day

I can’t think of a song in my music library that fits this specific topic very well. So here’s Weird Al singing about television which he is known to do.

3 thoughts on “My “Booket List”

  1. I haven’t read Neil Gaiman, or Tom Clancy – but I know my dad enjoys the Tom Clancy books.
    We read ‘Lord of the Rings’ in school – and I have read most of the classics on my own time, but for some strange reason I can’t say I was enthralled with them.
    I think I’ve read about five Agatha Christie books, late in my high school years, but have never gone back to them.
    I don’t have a specific book that I want to read sometime in the future, and I am afraid that there isn’t an author I want to one day get around to either. I have my ‘regular favorites’, and may be persuaded by an interesting book blurb or review to try something new – but I have no specifics.
    Although someone did spark an interest in me to have a look at ‘The Martian’, so perhaps that could qualify? 😉

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