Voice Post: I’m not as Annoyed as I Sound

This is probably my weirdest voice post yet. I start out talking about things that annoy me and somehow that leads to me giving advice on how to handle disputes with other people. I have no idea how I get from one topic to the other but trust me, that is what happens.

If a common thread exists in this post that thread would be that I’m guilty of pretty much every kind of behavior that I’ve discussed here. If I can be honest, I’ve never thought that my friends have an easier time being my friend. I think I’m sort of difficult to handle at times.

Also, I broke the promise I made here and talked about that text message again. I did so as part of a broader point but it still feels a bit obsessive.

One thought on “Voice Post: I’m not as Annoyed as I Sound

  1. You’ve made some great points!
    The problem with emails and messages? Tone. It’s all in the tone of your voice. And sometimes it’s difficult to get your tone across when typing 😉
    And it’s not depressing 🙂

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