One thought on “Voice Post: Small Town Life

  1. I live in the smallest city of South Africa, and we have a population of about 280 000 people. The suburb that I live in is a little way away from ‘the city’, and we often joke that we’re a small town all on our own – we do have our own municipal and traffic offices; police station etc. so we could be a functioning little town, I guess. Our population in this suburb is about the same as Huron.
    Rumors are definitely a problem in all small towns – not just with regards to business, but personal stuff too.
    I think what frustrates me here the most is that people don’t support ‘local’. And small businesses open and have to close within six months to a year, due to lack of support. It makes me sad, because everyone complains about ‘lack of growth’, and that ‘there’s never anything to do’ – but when a new restaurant opens or a kiddies outdoor area etc. people support the opening, and then their interest seems to dwindle and they return to the same old, same old elsewhere. (Even though the local is less heavy on their pockets!) When the ‘new venture’ closes, then they go back to complaining that there’s nothing local to do. That mentality annoys me.
    That said, it does sound like you have far more interesting things happening there than what we have here 😉


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