Voice Post: ‘The Faithful Spy’ and Hitting a Wall

This post contains a brief overview (and may contain mild spoiler information) of Alex Berenson’s ‘The Faithful Spy’ which I am currently reading. After that, I discuss how I’m feeling today and conclude with more book talk about my recent purchase of ‘A Fatal Thaw’ the second Kate Shugak novel by Dana Stabenow.

This is a companion piece to my written post from earlier today which can be read here.

One thought on “Voice Post: ‘The Faithful Spy’ and Hitting a Wall

  1. I think we all have off days, and require some form of escape at those times, just to be able to recharge our batteries. I hope it only lasts a day…but if not, allow yourself the time you need to rest – not just physically, but emotionally and mentally too.
    I didn’t know about that rewards points system … that’s interesting 🙂 I also remember mentioning that I like book reviews. I need to go and read some more of yours.
    And as you know, I enjoy crime books 😉

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