Casey’s Song of the Day: ‘The Sound of Silence’

I forgot to put a song of the day at the end of today’s post. So I had to do one and as I’ve had a song obsession for a couple of days now, this is going to be it.

Simon and Garfunkle is one of my favorite groups. I enjoy a lot of their songs and one of my favorites is ‘The Sound of Silence’.

So when a friend mentioned that the group ‘Disturbed’ had released a version is was both intrigued and a little frightened. But then I played it and fell in love with it. The two versions are profoundly different with the version from Disturbed being a lot more aggressive and a lot more defiant sounding. I think I still prefer the original as that is hard to top but this version has a very epic feel to it, like it would make good walkout music for a UFC fighter or something.

It is just so interesting the different ways people can interpret the same music. Oh and here’s one that was done in season 5 of ‘The Simpsons’ which I also enjoy. I give you, ‘The Sound of Grampa’:

I’ve got to say, I’m actually really enjoying the who song of the day thing, even though it slipped my mind when I wrote my first post of the day.