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In my First post of 2016, I wrote about some of the things that I would like to do this year. I guess you could call them New Year’s Resolutions but I used the word “goals” to describe them. One of those goals was to blog every day.

I thought this would be easy. In fact, because I plan to post more book reviews I thought this would be incredibly easy. Some days I could write about what was happening in my life, other days I could write about something from my past, a few times I could write about a broad topic that interests me and failing all of that I could always post book reviews. However, I haven’t written a single book review this year. It isn’t that I haven’t had the time or haven’t read anything worth reviewing, I just have not sat down yet and done it. I haven’t felt like doing it. I’m still feeling a bit burnt out on writing reviews even though I haven’t written one in several months.
As I wrote about recently, it is important that I love to do the things I love and don’t do them out of a sense of obligation. I like reviewing Audiobooks but if they start to feel too much like chores I may never want to review them again. So I think I have to ride out my disinterest.
The consequence of doing that is that I sometimes don’t know what to write each day. Today is one of those days. I’ve had several big posts this week with this one standing out as my personal favorite. I suppose I could have spread the writing of that post out over several days but that’s not how I like to write. If I am going to tell you a story I want to give you the beginning, middle and ending and not make you have to wait.

I can always revisit topics I have written about previously. However, in many cases I would be revisiting the topic very soon after the original post and that feels a bit like repeating myself. I want to write about different things. It is not that I don’t have some ideas for posts. I have a few but these are ideas that require some thought time before I put finger to key and start typing.
I also know what tomorrow’s piece is going to be about. The 28th of January marks one month since I lost Ginny. I’ve held back in many ways when it has come to writing about Ginny. One reason is that I am considering a more fitting tribute but that is going to require some extra work and time as well as some help from others to be done the way I want.

The problem with writing about what I did the previous day is that all of those posts as of late would sound the same. I woke up, listened to podcasts, read blogs, chatted with friends, watched TV, ate something, repeated some of the activities already listed and then went to sleep. I’m definitely more active on the weekends but that’s 5 days of a lot of sameness to them. I can definitely throw in some movie reviews though but they’ll be rare as I’m very selective about what I see in the theater.

I think writing about having nothing to write is sometimes helpful. I am still motivated to post daily and like my current format of a written post and a daily voice post. I feel like I could get away with being a little more repetitive on voice posts. Doing voice posts is helping me prepare for doing eventual podcasts again because it is helping me to get into the practice of speaking for an audience. As I record my voice posts I hope to decrease some of my verbal ticks such as uses of “um” and “uh” when I speak. So that has been a worthwhile thing for me to start doing as well.
I’ve also considered doing voice posts and reviewing Audiobooks that way. I think my editor would approve of that idea. Although, she’s been bugging me to write reviews because editing them gives her something to do.
But writing now about not being able to think of a topic for today is proving to be helpful. I’ve thought that maybe I could write about some of my favorite things, in particular, TV shows and movies. I’m not talking reviews of episodes but just comments on them as a whole, why I liked them so much when I did and if they hold up as well for me now. I’m not sure what one of those posts might look like but the idea to do them has come to me as i write this. These could end up as voice posts as well.

I may have to modify my original goal. It might not be that I write every day but that I post every day. This could become more of a voice post heavy blog. Which is actually funny because of how much I dislike my own voice so much. I won’t ever give up the written word altogether. Even though I’ve always considered myself a better speaker than writer, I enjoy writing and I think doing it on such a frequent basis has made me better at it.

Casey’s Song of the Day

No song about the writing process leaps instantly to mind. So what do I do today? Well, my life philosophy is that when all else fails, turn to Weird Al. You can expect Al to appear in this space a lot and probably more than anyone else by a wide margin.
The obvious thing would be to go with what he is most famous for and include a parody song. I’m going to go with an original today. If you are one of those people who reads horoscopes (I’m not) here is ‘Your Horoscope for Today’, courtesy of Al.

These are probably more accurate than the ones you’ll see in the paper anyway and much funnier.

3 thoughts on “Writing About Writing

  1. Writing about writing turned out to be kind of interesting reading πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰
    I enjoyed this blog post, Casey. As usual. I’m becoming rather boring with comments πŸ˜›
    I also prefer to do things because I WANT to do them, and not because I HAVE to do them….feeling forced into something starts to build up negative feelings about whatever it is, and that’s never good.
    For some reason, that video was not available. I will try and google it a little later on. But I never read my horror-scope anyway πŸ˜›

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    • Your comments are always thoughtful and encouraging, never boring. But if I don’t feel like all my posts are so great, I can certainly understand why you’d feel that way about your comments…even if in your case, it isn’t true. πŸ™‚

      Of course we both understand that there are always things that we must do that we don’t like to do, nobody is exempt from that. But for anyone who happens to read this, what you and I are talking about are the things that we like doing but don’t necessarily have to do. It is when doing those things starts to feel like work that the problem sets in and things you love start to become things you used to love.

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  2. Thank you, Casey.
    And you’re absolutely right about your explanation…..doing things I love sometimes become things I no longer love when they become more of a chore than anything else….see, you say it so much better. Of course, I AM still ill, so we’ll blame that πŸ˜‰

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