Voice Post: Braille Tutorial

This post is a companion to my post about reading. This is a quick (quick by my standards not by normal people standards) tutorial on Braille. I didn’t go too in depth into how it was developed/invented but a Google search of Louis Braille should fill in that information for you.

One thought on “Voice Post: Braille Tutorial

  1. Thank you for this really informative post! It’s a lot to wrap my head around, but I’ve never been one to be afraid of a challenge 😉 I am more of a visual learner, and so would need to research this in a more visual way – but I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this, and definitely learnt something from it! 🙂
    I found the amount of preparation that went into your school books fascinating! And can only imagine the struggle of having to go and fetch a book from ‘your room’ in the middle of a class!
    Thank you for this interesting post, Casey! 🙂

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