4 thoughts on “Voice Post: On Faith Heeling and Church Politics

  1. Your acceptance of being where you are, and knowing that it is where you need to be, is courageous.
    Doctrine, yes. Other, no. I agree 😉
    And yes, thank you, the audio post was enjoyable. 😉 I’ll say it again, the thing I enjoy the most is your honesty.
    (Have I ever mentioned that I have never seen snow and would like to some day? :P)
    Looking forward to the ‘somethings’ of tomorrow 😉


    • You’ve never seen snow? How has this not come up a dozen times in our chats already? 😉

      Glad you like the voice post, I’m still no closer on tomorrow’s post idea than I was when I recorded it but then again it has only been like a half an hour. 😀

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