Voice Post: Spontaneous

This is the second voice post of the day from me. My previous voice post is dedicated to last night’s ‘Royal Rumble’.

This post is about being spontaneous and why I personally end up planning so many parts of my life. Let me say that the way that I handle things is not going to be the same as the next visually impaired person you might encounter. So this is me and the way I look at things. Try and keep that in mind as you listen.

2 thoughts on “Voice Post: Spontaneous

  1. I have to say: I wish I could stick to my list when grocery shopping 😛 I usually can…so long as I am shopping alone. If the kids are with me? Why take a list at all? 😛
    Being able to discuss things with others always makes activities (whether reading or movies or whatever) that much more fun. I love sharing 🙂
    Activities and trips take much planning here – two kids and a dog…enough said! 😉
    Your voice posts can definitely be considered spontaneous! 🙂
    And yes – do what is convenient for you, and what makes you happy – so long as you’re always safe when you do it 😉 🙂
    And yes, I enjoyed the post for ‘what it is’ 😉

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