Voice Post: Royal Rumble, Chili, Heightened Senses and Blindness Frustrations

This audio post is longer than yesterday’s. I covered several topics, I talked briefly about the Royal Rumble and why I’m not going to be eating chili tonight. Then I answered a couple of questions about being blind. One on whether or not I have heightened senses and the other on the most frustrating aspect.

I hope that if you listen you find it interesting. If you need a nap after you’re done, I understand.

I also hope you check out my previous written post about dreams.

8 thoughts on “Voice Post: Royal Rumble, Chili, Heightened Senses and Blindness Frustrations

  1. The number 3 is a good number – I was born on a day with that number 😉
    I googled a Braille Bible – Wow. Just wow! It’s no wonder it lives on a shelf at church!
    Listening to you list all the technology that is available and that assists you in day-to-day living is astounding! I am in awe!
    And even with my sight, I still wish that there was something available to enable ‘people-ing’. Because I actually know a few who are good at hiding their reactions to things, and so I never really know how they are feeling or what it is exactly that they’re thinking. I know how annoyed I get with that, so I can only imagine what it must be like for you!
    Thank you for this informative ‘sneak peak’ into your life! It was great! 🙂
    And if I ever change my hair, I’ll let you know in writing 😉

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