Royal Rumble 2016 Game

I have generated the list for the 2016 Royal Rumble game which can be found below.

Here is how I generated the list. We had 25 players and so that meant that 5 people would receive multiple numbers. To determine which 5 would get two numbers, I went to and put all 25 names in a list. I randomly generated the list 5 times and the first five names on the fifth list received the numbers. They are: Charles Martinell, James Rayel, Kevin Hinners, Karl Stern and myself.

I then created a list of 30 names the 25 players and 5 duplicate names. I went back to and asked it to give me a number between 1 and 30. I got the number 17. So I generated the list of 30 names and generated it 17 times with the 17th and final version of the list being what you see below.

Of course we all know that Roman Reigns has the number one and thus is listed in parenthesis below. Vince McMahon’s method selection still feels more suspicious than my own.

1. @raiderGMVP37 (Roman Reigns)
2. Brent Stanek
3. Casey Trowbridge
4. Jaima Schultz
5. Jammie Hermans
6. Art Shimko
7. Alan Lee
8. James Rayel
9. Karl Stern
10. Kevin Hinners
11. Ric Gillespie
12. Euan Taylor
13. Karl Stern
14. Michael McNutt
15. @TheRealSacredG
16. @Mafia_Dude_316
17. Jason Lemke
18. Kevin Hinners
19. Mike McDermaid
20. Casey Trowbridge
21. Justin E. Miller
22. Lara Alton
23. Cameron Phillips
24. Charles Martinell
25. James Rayel
26. Charles Martinell
27. Jared Hitchcock
28. Mark Danger
29. Scott Liedle
30. Dustin Tyrrell

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