Trying a voice post

In my post from the other day, I mentioned hating my voice. Consider this post as a way for you all to decide if my not liking my voice is merited or not. My high school drama teacher said I had a beautiful voice but I’m pretty sure she was hard of hearing.

After I recorded this, I realized that this could be a way to add more content. I might put up a lengthy post each day about whatever is on my mind and follow it later with an audio post of just random things. It would be good practice for doing longer podcasts again down the road.

The only issue is that I have to edit the title and add any text I might want after the post has been published.

8 thoughts on “Trying a voice post

  1. I’m sure all three of us enjoyed this 😉 You’re too funny.
    And you have a lovely voice! So there 😛
    Of course, I like an American accent….I won’t try and copy it though because I had my friend in Kansas in stitches of laughter the last time I DID try! I guess watching American movies doesn’t teach you everything 😛
    American Chili always sounds so great! I know my friend in Kansas took part in a Chili-making contest and after hearing what was going into hers, I was hungry for days – nothing could satisfy my appetite. I did go to a ‘bring and share’ supper at one of the churches about two years ago, where they had visiting missionaries. One of the missionaries was an American girl, and she made a small bowl of chili for the table. There was only one spoon left by the time I got to it, and it was great. She said it didn’t turn out as delicious as the one she usually makes in Texas, because she couldn’t find all of the ‘right ingredients’ here. It was still great. And my curiosity was somewhat satisfied. I DO look forward to tasting a proper Chili someday though 😉

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