The 2016 Royal Rumble Game

We’re just a couple of days away from my favorite WWE show of the year, the Royal Rumble. Every year, I put together a Royal Rumble game among friends. It is just for fun, you get nothing for winning, it costs nothing to play but it can make the match more fun to watch. I even have a couple friends who don’t watch wrestling or know much about it but play anyway, mostly because I twist their arm.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of a Royal Rumble match, it works like this. Two wrestlers enter the ring, after a certain time interval (2 minutes usually but it has been known to be different) a new wrestler comes out. Wrestlers are eliminated from the match by being thrown over the top rope and having both feet touch the arena floor. The last wrestler left standing without being eliminated is the winner. And this year that individual will also be the WWE champion.
How the game works is I go over to and generate a list. If for example, you get the number 17 and the wrestler entering the match in the 17th spot is the man who ends up winning the match, you win the game. I have 19 confirmed entries and can take up to 30.

It really is quite fun. A highlight was the year my friend Rose had a number and out walked the Mini wrestler El Torito. He was not enthusiastic. Then there was the year I had the number 30 and John Cena came out. My friend Marcus was furious but I thought it was a glorious day to be alive.

We also keep track of the guy with the most eliminations as well as who lasts the longest, so there is more than one way to take pride in your wrestler.

All that is really necessary is to let me know that you’d like a number. I’ll generate the list on Saturday and post it to the site so you’ll know what number you need to come up lucky the next night.

A good time will be had by all, except for me, I’ve got a funny feeling I’m going to get a member of the Wyatt Family and curse the WWE universe.

5 thoughts on “The 2016 Royal Rumble Game

  1. I may be posing an incredible challenge to our friendship here, but I don’t like wrestling. 😦
    I haven’t ever, really. And I think if I have watched WWE, it has been under duress, and was only for a few minutes, a few times in my life.
    I don’t know why.
    I do, however, know who John Cena is, and can thus appreciate why you thought it was a glorious day to be alive πŸ˜‰

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    • Believe me when I tell you, absolutely no challenged posed to our friendship whatsoever. πŸ™‚

      I wouldn’t want to be friends with someone who only liked all the same things that I did. Common interests in relationships are important but that doesn’t mean you have to do or like everything all the same. πŸ™‚

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