In yesterday’s post I wrote about having trouble sleeping the previous night. I also used the word consistency a lot and talked about how I have very little of it and how what I have is not good. Sure enough, I slept for a good long time on Thursday even if I went to bed pretty late. I also spent a lot of hours that I was awake feeling pretty tired. From trouble sleeping one day to too much sleep the next, just a typical situation I find myself in these days.

I’ve been thinking about Facebook over the past couple of days. I deactivated my Facebook page on Saturday, the day after my birthday. I don’t really miss it so far but there are things about it I miss.
There are people with whom I only keep in contact through Facebook. These are people I like and care about but we don’t text or call one another and a few of them I only really know through Facebook. I consider them my friends but with the understanding that if Facebook didn’t exist we probably would have never met or lost touch if they were someone I knew from High School or College.
In an August 28 post, I wrote about some of the problems I have with Facebook. I find Facebook to be incredibly depressing most of the time. It feels so negative and I often find myself losing respect for people I genuinely like when they expose the worst side of themselves for the world to see. That’s one reason I started to post fewer and fewer actual status updates on my page. Sometimes seeing my news feed would make me angry and while I can say I’ve experienced a lot of emotions over the past week or so anger has not been one of them.
Still, aside from keeping track of certain people, not being on Facebook has presented other issues. I use Facebook a lot to promote other projects. The Random Catastrophe Page isn’t being updated with all of my latest entries here because my regular page has been deactivated. The same would be true for Audiobook Empire’s Facebook page if I actually posted a book review. I do get traffic to this site from Facebook and that has all but disappeared because I’ve deactivated my personal page.
I also use Facebook to make and coordinate future plans with friends and even family from time to time. I’m not sure how Facebook became the preferred method for doing this but it did and I find that a little unsettling.
Facebook feels more like a necessity in my life than it should. When my sister updated me on our dad on Monday she asked if I wanted to post it to Facebook to get the word out. I declined because she had told me everything and it would be second-hand coming from me whereas she was actually there when everything happened. Still, had the need for me to do so been legitimate I would have reactivated my page and posted the news.
So Facebook is one of those cost benefit analysis things for me now. The negative attitude I get from reading Facebook is something very real and not something I miss. However, I find myself wondering if Rachel’s posted a funny story or what my friend Karen has been doing. Add in the way I use Facebook to promote my writing and there are good reasons for me to reactivate the page sooner rather than later.

I think that will be the extent of my writing today. I already know what my next entry is going to be about and that isn’t always the case. However, something could come up that changes my plan. I still haven’t written a sequel to my Monday entry.

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  1. That’s what the handy “hide posts from” feature is for. Someone shares a link to a political opinion I don’t care for? Hide all from that site. Someone shares a recipe every freaking day? Hide all from that recipe site. Someone posts a lot of crap but is someone I may never see again in real life? Hide. A typical news feed for me contains anecdotes from people I care about or who make me laugh, links to articles I might actually like to read, pictures of cute kids, and local news – but from the radio station, not the tv station, so it’s mostly pared down to the most interesting things. I don’t disagree with most of what you say about Facebook – BUT, you can control it to be what you want it to be.


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