No Momentum

I wish I could say after yesterday’s post that I got some positive momentum going and had another good day. I guess I could say that but it would come with one minor flaw which is that it would be an inaccurate statement.

The day started out on a good note. My uncle Jim and aunt Sheila stopped by as they are staying with my nephews while my sister and parents are at the Mayo Clinic. We went out for lunch, although I think we all had what you’d consider breakfast meals, then we stopped at Wal-Mart so they could get ingredients for the dinner Sheila planned to make tonight. After that, we stopped back at my apartment and hung out for awhile. I introduced them to Jeff Dunham‘s videos on Youtube and they seemed to enjoy him. So far, so good.

But I haven’t really felt very good the last hour or so. As I write this it is just after 9:00 PM. I’m kind of tired and a little bit sulky at the moment. I don’t know what is wrong although maybe I shouldn’t be reading a book about the Chris Benoit murder suicide since I’m already depressed. Thinking about the Benoit situation reminded me of an awesome but very inappropriate Skype call I had with Euan and Ric on the day of July 4, 2007. We had a lot of laughs. I need to get the gang back together and do something soon.

I am in an odd spot in that I think I need to do something dramatic and different to get out of my rut. However, that requires money and I don’t really have any. If I can’t afford to go to Sioux Falls and stay with my cousin which doesn’t cost me anything I sure can’t afford to go anywhere else that I would have to pay. Honestly, my motivation to go somewhere right away is as uncertain as my mood on a given day. Everything with me right now can be described as fluid and unpredictable. If you can figure out my pattern, I’d love to know because I’m still not sure.
Yesterday, I was chatty online. I even had Skype open for awhile. Today, not so much although I did plenty of talking with Jim and Sheila. Maybe I can only take so much human interaction in a day and once I’ve reached my limit I get tired? I don’t know if that’s right or not but I’m grasping at straws trying to find reasons to explain my shift in mood over the past few hours.

I’m going to go now as there’s nothing left for me to say.

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