A Small Breakthrough

Late last night, I was reflecting on yesterday’s entry. I was listening to music when a realization hit me. It was one that I’m surprised didn’t occur to me sooner.

I was listening to music and thinking about how fun it would be to take a lawn chair outside, turn on the stereo so I could hear it out the window and enjoy a nice cold beverage. I was actually looking forward to being able to do this again. You see, I couldn’t do it last night because of the fact that it is winter.
I don’t want to say that I was unaware of winter because that’s just not true. You can’t live in South Dakota and be unaware of winter. When winter comes, you know it. However because of everything else happening when winter hit, the fact that winter had hit didn’t quite sink in. Meaning that I was too busy thinking about other things to think about the fact that it was now winter.

This is not an unimportant realization for me. It helps to explain why I’ve been so down as of late besides the obvious string of bad news that ended my 2015. But part of my current attitude and outlook is shaped by the fact it is winter.

I’ve written before about how the changes in seasons impact my mood. The shift from summer to fall is always a bit of a downer but not quite as big as the change from fall to winter.
This is discouraging in one sense. There is still a lot of winter left. So if I thought good weather might help brighten my mood that’s just not going to happen.
However, it is encouraging because I believe that when spring has sprung it will definitely be a boost to my morale.

I wonder if moving to a different, I.E. warmer climate would reduce my mood fluctuations when the seasons change? I think there’s a good chance that it would but that it isn’t just the weather that effects me during season changes but all the stuff that comes along with it. Of course, even if warmer weather solved that particular problem it would also create others so it wouldn’t exactly be a one-sided trade off.

So yeah, I’m now looking forward to something. I’m looking forward to spring and summer activities. I’m not sure that gives me any more motivation right now but hey, I wanted an entry that wasn’t so damn depressing. Not that this one is all sunshine and rainbows but I do think it is an improvement over the first couple from the year.

In conclusion, winter sucks.

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