Latest Reason to Love The Internet: An Oral History of TGIF

At some point in my history of writing on The Internet, I wrote about my dream book. The book that I would love to read more than any other. It was an oral history of the ABC programming block, TGIF. Well, it isn’t a book but EW has given me my oral history of TGIF.

Even though this exists and I love The Internet for giving it to me, I still maintain that this could be a book. I read this article and was left wanting more and more importantly, feeling like there was more that could have been given. If such a book were ever written, I’d suggest Bronson Pinchot as the choice to narrate the Audiobook.

Reading this piece brought back a flood of memories and all of them good. I had so many fond memories of watching TGIF on Friday when I was a kid while eating the meal my dad would bring me from Hardees that I cannot even begin to share them all. In fact, most of those viewings were on a small black and white television set that was in my parent’s bedroom. What did it really matter to me? Not much at all.

So I don’t really have memories of gathering the family together and watching Full House on the couch. In fact, I can state with complete certainty that it absolutely never happened. I watched by myself and was fine with it.

Of course, when it hit 10 PM ET or 9 PM Central where I lived and 20/20 came on did I change the channel? No I did not, I watched the news program as well. I was obviously not a typical child. I’m okay with that to be honest.

I could tell that the article was longer at one point. A clue is that whenever someone is quoted for the first time their full name is used. Except when it is Candace Cameron who is only mentioned by her last name when quoted. Even at the end of the article my suspicions were confirmed when they mentioned the interviews were edited. It would be nice to see what was cut from the piece.

Yeah, I’m a completist. That has sometimes been a very expensive problem. In fact, since I have the first 4 seasons of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ purchased on iTunes, it could become a very expensive problem again very soon.

I’ll have another entry later today but when I came across this TGIF oral history I just had to share it with you all. If you’re curious, I think ‘Perfect Strangers’ rates as my favorite TGIF show of all time. I hate that music rights issues are keeping the show off of DVD and digital download beyond the first two seasons. And yes, I freely admit to having a crush on Topanga when I was in my early teens.

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