2015 Year in Books

This post is a recap of my year in reading for the year 2015. If you learn nothing else about me from reading this post, you will learn that I love to keep track of statistics. Even statistics that have no value to anyone else.

2015 Books READ

I listened to 150 Audiobooks in the year 2015. This is an average of 12.5 books read per month. It is an increase over 81 books read in 2014 and 87 in 2013.
April was my best month for listening when I heard 23 books. I only read 4 books in the months of July, October and November.

I read 128 books in 2015 for the first time with the rest being books I have read in previous years.


In 2015 I listened to 84,327 minutes worth of audiobooks. That is 1405.5 hours or 58.6 days. I spent roughly 16% of my year reading.
I listened to an average of 7027.3 minutes per month. April was obviously my best month for listening with 13436 minutes or 223.9 hours or 9.3 days.
October was my worst month for listening. I only listened to 2477 minutes or 41.3 hours or 1.7 days.

These numbers are also obviously way up from the previous 2 years. I listened to 55614 minutes in 2014 and 61524 minutes in 2013.


It can be tough to figure up pages when you listen to an audiobook. They don’t always announce how many pages a book contains when you start listening. I do have numbers but they would at best be an approximation.

I read approximately 53839 pages in the year 2015. I read an average of 4486 pages per month.


I rate each book I read on a scale of 1-10. I keep track of my ratings for each book read in a given month and average them out. My best month of reading was August with an average rating of 8.53 over 9 books.
My worst month ratings wise was June with an average rating of 7.66 across 14 books read.


In 2015, I read books by 117 different authors. My most read authors were: James Patterson (13 books), David Baldacci, Steven D. Levitt/Stephen J. Dubner and Timothy Zahn (4 books).

2015 Narrators Heard

In the year 2015, I heard 103 different narrators. The narrators I heard most in 2015 were: Marc Thompson (11 books), Full Cast Productions (5 books), Jonathan Davis, Carolyn McCormick and Ron McLarty/Orlaugh Cassidy (4 books).


I heard books in 22 different genres in the year 2015. My most read genres were: Science Fiction (32 books), Mysteries (30 books), Science and Technology (18 books), Biographies and Memoirs (13 books), History and Sports (10 books).

2015 Publishers

I heard audiobooks produced by 24 different publishers in the year 2015. My most heard publishers were: Random House Audio (26 books), Audible Studios (23 books), Hachette Audio (19 books), Tantor Audio and Brilliance Audio (15 books).


The three best books I read for the first time in 2015 were: ‘Ready Player One’, ‘The Martian’ and ‘Future Crimes’.

What will 2016 look like in the stats department? Only time will tell.