Rest in Peace my Sweet Ginny Girl

A more fitting tribute will come later but an hour ago, I took my dog, my sweet Ginny to the vet and had her euthanized.

The decision was not easy in the sense that I was not ready to let her go. The decision was easy in the sense that she was not doing well. She was having problems with her digestive system and also was having difficulty walking.

As readers of my site or people who know me well already know, Ginny was not an ordinary dog. From July of 2002 until June of 2013, she served as my active guide dog. She was a good guide dog, in many ways an outstanding one. But she was a better companion.

I think Ginny’s last special gift to me was making it to Christmas day. It was the day after Christmas when she decided to stop eating for good. If she hadn’t stopped eating, I may have selfishly tried to keep her going until my birthday a week from Friday. But that would have been for my own selfish reasons not for her sake and I owed her much more than that.

I will miss her. She filled a void in my life and in my heart that cannot be filled by anyone or anything else.

Knowing Ginny like I do, I would like to think that right now she is trying to steal food from the Lord Jesus even if she had been given all she could want already. It isn’t the food but the theft that symbolizes her nature.

As I said I will have a more fitting tribute later but for now I will just say, goodbye my sweet heart. I hope you enjoy eternity. I will carry you in my heart always and forever.

Ginny September 17, 2000 to December 28, 2015.