My Christmas List for 2015

Well, the Christmas shopping season is upon us. Unless you’re one of those ‘got it together’ people who is already done with this particular Holiday task. If you are, I hope you got me something nice.

This post is my 2015 Christmas list. I’m posting this list on my website for a couple of different reasons. The first is that I always seemed to get asked what I want and got tired of repeating myself so posted a list on Facebook. I decided this would be a better platform.
The second reason is that I wanted to write and thought this would be an easy enough post. I have a third reason but I think I will discuss that at the end. If I give it all away now you’ll have no reason to keep reading.

This list is not in order of priority or desire.


Cash always feels like an impersonal gift but I ask for it for a specific reason. My birthday is in January and over the last few years I have gone to stay with my cousin Shiloh in Sioux Falls for a week or so. Well, doing that costs me a pretty penny each year if I want to get in all of the things I’d like to do including restaurants I want to eat at. So getting cash for Christmas would take care of that.
I also would not mind cash because I’d like to buy an HDTV for my bedroom. I’m thinking something small in the range of 20 inches. I found one at a good price not that long ago. I would put it in my bedroom and connect my Apple TV to it so I can stream Netflix and other services while I’m lying in bed. I do take Paypal donations.

APPLE TV – 4th Generation

I have a third generation Apple TV which is the one I’d like to put in the bedroom if I get a 4th Generation model. Why not get something like a Chromecast, Roku or Amazon Fire? I have concerns with accessibility of those devices for the visually impaired and like the integration I get from being able to access my iTunes account on it.
There are 2 models. The 32GB is $149 and the 64GB model is $199. I could make due with the 32GB model because it is unlikely that I will play a lot of games, if any.


This is pretty much the most popular piece of Star Wars related merchandise for ‘The Force Awakens’. I have absolutely no idea how the app that controls the droid works with voiceover on an iPhone but I would love to try and find out.


In October, I got a Derek Carr jersey and am I ever so happy that I did. He’s been having a great year and is a legitimate star on the rise in the NFL. He’s also the only current player for the Raiders that I have a jersey of. I have a few more that I would like to add to the mix: Kahlil Mack (#52), Amari Cooper (#89), Latavius Murray (#34) and Charles Woodson (#24). That is roughly the order of desirability as well.

Authentic Scale Ring and Classic Steel Cage sets

Here’s a link for the Steel Cage and here’s one for the ring and I should note the ring is necessary for the cage and so if I only got one, I’d prefer the ring. Also, since I’m a WCW fan this would also be pretty cool to get.
There are figures that I want as well but it would be simpler for me to deal with that question asked individually.


I used to not like the idea of gift cards because they limited where you could spend your money. However, I’d happily take gift cards from, or iTunes. I’m unlikely to run out of things that are on my Audible or iTunes wishlists.

So that’s pretty much the list I’ve come up with at this time. Now I can talk about the third reason for wanting to put this up.
The truth is I’m unlikely to get most of the things on this list and it is entirely possible that I get none of them. I’m okay with this. Putting together a Christmas list was particularly difficult for me this year because in many ways I am very content with what I have. If I end up with none of the things listed above, I’ll survive just fine. I often write about being depressed or down in the dumps but that doesn’t mean I am unable to recognize how fortunate and blessed that I actually am. I have good friends that care deeply for me and a loving family who I can go to at any time. I have a roof over my head and do not lack for things to eat. I have comfortable clothes that keep me warm in winter and cool in summer. I may wish to update my look soon but that’s something I’d prefer to do on my own rather than put clothing on my Christmas list.
There is one other thing I thought of while writing this post. Even though I put this list together, I’m not going to be bothered if people come up with their own ideas. Some of the best gifts I have gotten in recent years are things that I wouldn’t have thought to ask for at any point. So the more creative the better but the fact remains that I do get asked and this is my answer.

The old saying that it is better to give than recieve is something I believe in to a high degree. I’m very much looking forward to doing my own Christmas shopping this year. I have great ideas in mind for my friends. Family is another matter as I’m not exactly sure what we’re doing.

So there is my list for what it is worth and my reasons behind posting it. Alright, I’m not going to lie, I’m also curious to compair next year’s list to this one and see how much things change.