I’m Still Here…Minus One Toenail

Yes, dear readers, I am still around. I haven’t written anything substantial in quite some time. Some of you would say that I haven’t written anything substantial ever and that’s probably fair.

I plan to resume my plan to write every day after the first of the year. I figure that’s a good time to start that little habit over again. In the meantime I will be in and out as I feel like it.

I was going to post my Christmas list here but I figured that given yesterday’s events in Paris, it could wait a few more days.

Last night I managed to stub my entire left foot. Well, if that were all I did I would probably be fine with it. Instead, when I removed my sock last night I noticed that the entire nail on one of my toes was hanging by a thread. So to make a long story short and less graphic I am now without a toenail on the toe directly to the left of my big toe.

I started to read a book today and actually made some progress. This has not happened in about a month. I tried to read a book awhile ago and put it down out of frustration after about two sentences. You haven’t even given a book a chance after two sentences and I know that. It is just my ability to focus has been diminished for some reason.

Last Friday, I went to ‘The Peanuts Movie’ and I thought it was pretty good. I’ve been to five movies so far this year and would say it is the second best of the bunch. In order it would go: ‘Inside Out’, ‘The Peanuts Movie’, ‘Walt Before Mickey’ (although it was my favorite movie-going experience), ‘Home’ and ‘Minions’. There was one thing I didn’t much like about the movie but I won’t point out what that is because it would be considered a spoiler.

In much more important movie news, I also got my ticket to see ‘The Force Awakens’. I’m going Thursday: December 17 at 9:45 PM. The 3D showing is at 7:00 PM. I’m not going to pay an extra $2.50 for
3D glasses that I as a visually impaired individual will get no use out of whatsoever. So I’m just going to wait until the first showing in 2D.

Things aren’t all gloom around here. Thanksgiving is coming up and that is my favorite holiday. I’m buying a lot of the food for my family’s Thanksgiving celebration this year. I thought it would be a good time to cash in my Schwans reward points. So I’m getting a ham, some pies and potatoes. I already got some french bread and some strawberries. All of the other traditional Thanksgiving fair will be supplied by others. Although I should note that I’m buying Pumpkin pie despite not actually caring for it myself.

I’ve got no real interest in Black Friday deals other than what might be available at Audible.com.

Most of my time lately has been filled with podcasts and Netflix. I’ve been listening to a lot more podcasts as of late than is typical. Not necessarily new shows but more episodes of the shows I subscribe to. I’ve started watching Netflix before bed on my iPad. A lot of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’, ‘Family Guy’ and other sitcoms.

I want to wish my friend Mia Pleasant a very happy birthday. Yes, I already did it on Twitter this morning but if I’m going to write a blog post on her birthday, why not say it again?

Tomorrow, I will be watching the Raiders and Vikings game closely. I have a bed with my dad on the outcome. I can’t wait for him to have to buy me lunch after the Vikings lose.

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