Wednesday is my least favorite day of the week, at least during this part of the year. There is nothing really happening on Wednesday. Every othe r Wednesday I get a visit from the Schwans man, so that’s at least something to look forward to.

It is just that Wednesday doesn’t stand out as being particularly interesting. There’s nothing on TV I feel like watching on Wednesday nights. Every other day of the week has something about it that is interesting. Friday and Saturday are the days for socializing. Sunday, Thursday and Monday at least have football. Tuesday isn’t much better than Wednesday but since that’s my friend’s day off, something usually happens.

In about a month there will at least be basketball games to watch. Although, I don’t watch much NBA when it is not the Lakers playing. That wasn’t always the case but it has become so over the past three or four years.

So basically, I have now explained why I spend most of my waking hours today reading and not even thinking about doing anything else.

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